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if this exact quotation is not found in Romeo and also Juliet, this inquiry refers to the exchange that takes place in the roadways of Verona in the very first scene the the play. In this scene, 2 young men connected with the house of Capulet—Sampson and also Gregory —are walking...

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While this exact quotation is not found in Romeo and Juliet, this concern refers come the exchange the takes place in the roads of Verona in the first scene the the play. In this scene, 2 young men associated with the home of Capulet—Sampson and also Gregory—are walking through the city streets, when they encounter two "Servingmen" named Abram and also Balthasar, who work-related in the home of Montague. Sampson and Gregory recognize to fight v the two Montague men, but they desire to ensure the they room not responsible for beginning the fight. Sampson bites his thumb, an insufferable insult amongst young men in Verona (like giving the middle finger in today"s world), and also Abram responds simply as Sampson hope he would: by providing to fight. The men start to fight v swords. The incident, and also this quote, is offered by Shakespeare to create a backdrop for the play. We discover much through this exchange.

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First, we check out that there space two feuding households in Verona and also that your feud frequently plays the end in the city streets. Second, we learn something around the nature of honor in Verona—neither group of young men have the right to submit to the various other without shedding their honor. They would rather die than experience what seems to us a stunner insult. Finally, we watch that the Prince of Verona has outlawed fighting in the streets. This is why Sampson and also Gregory room so pertained to with legality, and it is why Sampson provides the attack gesture come provoke the Montague men into attacking them. The Prince come on the scene with a group of citizens to rest up the fight, and he threatens death to anyone that disturbs the tranquility by fighting again.