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excellent a most things that I"m not so proud ofTook a the majority of turns, the turned out wrongThat"s a worn the end songDay through day, moment by moment taking mine chancesTrusting mine heart, the wasn"t as well smartLonely and lost as I can beNo wait it"s as much as meI will survive, I will certainly endureWhen the going"s rough, you deserve to be sureI"ll challenging it out, ns won"t cavern in,If I"m knocked down I obtain up againAs long as my dream"s alive, I will surviveLetting walk of my poor habitsHanging on come hope, for far better times, I"ll it is in fineLearnin"to sleep in the bed that ns madeLaying the blame wherein it belongs, I"ve gotta it is in strongTear drops nobody sees however meI won"t stopI"ll constantly believe(Chorus till fades)
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