When you discover out you have actually head lice, it’s probably at residence after a lengthy day, and also you’ve ultimately gotten the kids to bed. You’re ultimately able come take some time for yourself, put on your PJs, and brush the end your hair—and that’s once you find them—head lice. At new Heads, we know what come next: a tide of disbelief, followed by panicked rummaging v the medicine cabinet for anything you think might work. Together you turn about the box of hair bleach, you’re challenged with a long list the strong-sounding ingredients the you think should surely have the ability to handle a small insect, right? fine Mom, prior to you garbage the following hour through an applicator bottle and plastic mitts, we’ll permit you understand why your arrangement is doomed to fail (sorry!), and why her time is much more wisely invested booking the next available appointment at fresh Heads.

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Does Hair Dye kill Lice?

Since most civilization only find that they have actually lice a couple of weeks after very first getting infested through it, they regularly go around their usual routine, choose dyeing their hair before being treated for lice. However what wake up is the dye doesn’t kill the lice—it just colors them. If someone dyes your hair, say, pink, climate the lice and also nits will also turn pink!

Hair dye isn’t capable of suffocating the lice because they are able come shut your bodies for up to 18 hours, while hair dye is left on for 45 minutes tops. Hair dye is also ineffective when it comes to eliminating nits. Nits room encased in a hard shell because that protection, and also the chemistry in hair dye can’t penetrate it nor detach the natural glue-like substance difficult the shells to the hair.

Does Bleaching your Hair death Lice?

Just like long-term hair dye, hair bleach has some solid chemicals—including hydrogen peroxide, ammonium persulfate, and stearyl alcohol. However, despite the ability of this ingredients to pull the color out the the hair shaft, no one of them have the capacity to efficiently kill lice or your eggs. Just like with hair dye, adult lice deserve to outlast the hair bleaching process, and bleach will certainly not permeate casings the the nits.

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Professional Lice Removal

At fresh Heads, we understand head lice. We recognize that hair dye or hair bleach just won’t work, and if you shot it, you’ll still finish up needing expert lice removal later. Save yourself the extra time and headache by booking one appointment through us. We have you in and also out and lice-free in 90 minutes! publication your appointment online today.


Schools there is no Lice

Our mission at new Heads is to eliminate lice in schools across the country. That’s why we’ve partnered through the Lice Clinics that America to develop the institutions Without Lice program. With this program, we’re able to administer teachers and also nurses with cost-free head lice screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have colleges without lice!