Can a flat iron kill lice and also their eggs? The answer is yes, yet, not every one of them. For this reason that will certainly still leaving you through a bunch of problems, itchy scalps and also embarrassment.

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Folks that say that a level iron, also the most powerful of boil straighteners, is what death nits in hair…

...simply don’t understand that it might KILL SOME, the won’t finish the job though.

And because there room so countless incorrect ideas about killing head lice favor using, saunas, hair dye, vinegar and details cleaning products, i will acquire you the info you have to avoid wasting your time and get rid that lice for good!

Can A flat Iron death Lice?

If you’re wondering can a flat iron death lice, here’s her answer. Yes, technically-speaking a level iron hair straightener have the right to kill lice and eggs.

Here’s the catch… The straightener will just kill the lice that it has actually direct call with. And it’s virtually impossible to have direct contact with all of them due to the fact that they relocate around.

Truth is… Most world researching flat ironing to remove head lice have tried a gang of various lice therapies that have failed and they’re simply frustrated. 

Can friend relate?

This frustration and embarrassment is because of boosting phenomenon, the newest strain of lice referred to as “super lice”.

Super lice and regular head lice watch pretty lot like the exact same bug, except those stubborn tiny super lice critters space immune to classic lice death treatments and also very difficult to eliminate.

I have the right to understand why folks are wondering if a straightening iron can kill lice. The seems favor a quick and also logical solution due to the fact that hair straighteners possess sufficient heat come kill practically any insect once it comes in direct contact for sustained durations of time.

And world with high-powered, profession straightening irons might be even much more confident. Don’t acquire too excited.

Because it’s no really a question around can a level iron kill lice, of food it can. Lice will certainly not endure sustained and also direct contact with a blazing hot level iron. The real question is will certainly every single insect and also lice egg come right into sustan=ined contact? that is extremely doubtful

Lice space as mobile as all outdoors, and when they evade that direct hit of warm by your flat iron straightener they will not be impacted by it. So even if you flat iron often, part women perform silk presses every 2 weeks, friend still won’t kill them all.

So look:

If her goal is to fried food a couple of bugs in your hair, climate a level iron is qualified of doing that.

Lice and also lice eggs die in temperatures greater than 130° F (per CDC). Most expert flat irons favor Babyliss Pro, GHD level irons and also Bio Ionic One Pass gain up to 400° F and also higher, so if you take place to squeeze part lice with a super-hot level iron, you have the right to sizzle a few.

If that’s every you want, have at it! If girlfriend want full destruction, you’ll need a far better lice-killing solution. Here’s one more reason why….


Can A Hair Straightener death Lice Eggs?

Answer is yes, on a restricted scale. A flat iron hair straightener kills part lice eggs however is not the best lice egg killing systems available. Not even close.

While killing all of the live adult bugs v a hair straightener is iffy because of their mobility, It’s clear why girlfriend might begin to wonder about killing the lice eggs since they room stationary in hair and also wonder can a level iron death lice eggs v a hair straightener.

Conclusive studies have not been performed on this method of lice treatment, but common sense says you’ll miss out on a bunch the them. Also with contact you might not death them if your flat iron no scorchingly hot.

High enough straight heat is essential to kill lice eggs and also heat native cheap or old straighteners might not pass through the lice eggshell.  countless lice eggshells will stay on the strands the hair till they are removed by handpicking or combing.

This can turn right into a very embarrassing case if you space planning on acquiring your haircut since you could be turned far if a nit, dead or alive, is discovered in her hair.

You Wanna kill a couple of Lice with a flat Iron or eliminate Them ALL?

Because yes a huge difference! killing lice with your level iron today, does no mean obtaining rid of all lice problems on a long-term basis.

If girlfriend focus all of your power on death lice bugs through a flat iron, you will NEVER eliminate lice for good! 

Here’s why...

When you have actually lice you have actually 2 problems, lice bugs, and also lice eggs. Often human being focus every one of their fist on lice bugs, but neglect the lot bigger problem- LICE EGGS!

Those small critter eggs are complete of future pests lice, just waiting come hatch and start this entirety lice life cycle anywhere again! it is why you keep getting lice back!

There’s no lice 100% effective DIY therapy or residence remedy the end there the kills every lice eggs, you’ll most likely need the techniques and also treatment the hair lice professionals use.

Many medical experts have lice-killing services that space guaranteed to get rid of lice in ONE DAY, without any kind of re-treatments, since it kills every one of the lice bugs and lice egg at the very same time.

If you setup on making use of a house remedy or drug store lice therapy it’s feasible that you can eliminate lice, yet you should setup on utilizing these therapies for atleast 3 weeks and on many occasions.

Problems of making use of a level Iron or blow Dryer heat to death Lice Eggs 


There are some dangers that come through using a hot iron or punch dryer to kill lice and also their eggs, the main danger consists of getting your hair scorched or scalp damaged.

It’s renowned that head lice cannot make it through consistently too much hot or cold temperatures. Hair dryers have the right to kill some lice yet the dryer needs to be ~ above high warm for close to 30 minutes and that can be very uncomfortable and even damaging to your hair and scalp. 

Sidenote: Some placed their combs, brushes and also other hair accessories in nylon and also freeze because that close come 30 hrs in bespeak to death lice and their eggs.This may cause hygiene pertains to for some.

Lastly, overexposing your hair to exceptionally hot flat iron warm for lengthy bouts the time can cause permanent damages to your hair. Yes, warm irons death lice and also eggs to an extent, yet it comes v its ugly aftermath as well.

FAQS related to Killing Lice With flat Irons:

“Can a flat iron death lice?” isn’t the only question we see online, here are some commonly asked questions about destroying hair lice and also their eggs the we desire to offer you the answers to.

Will A Hair Dryer death Lice Eggs?

Answer: Yes, a hot house blow dryer will certainly kill as much as 96% the lice eggs with ideal technique. To effectively kill lice, the punch dryer must be repeatedly supplied at high heat (every 1 to 7 days since eggs flower in 7 come 10 days) till the herbal life bike of the lice is perfect (about 4 weeks).

The problem is the excessive discomfort and pain that this can reason to the person with head lice, this is no a great solution to use on young children.

Can Hairspray death Lice?

Answer: No, hairspray is not an reliable lice killer or lice prevention method. Don’t suppose dead lice from applications of hair gels, hairsprays, oils or other non-medicated hair assets including dandruff shampoo.

None of these death lice or stop eggs from hatching or difficult to the hair. Hairspray is a styler no a lice killer. Substances favor mayonnaise can kill lice but do no kill nits or detach them indigenous hair.

Killing Lice with Vinegar, walk It yes, really Work?

Answer: No. Vinegar receives a weak lice killer “honorable mention,” due to the fact that it can help in the remove of nits, but it doesn"t death adult lice.

The acidic composition of vinegar functions to failure the glue-like substance that adheres the nits come the hair shaft. However vinegar doesn’t no kill get an impression lice.

Conclusion: can A level Iron kill Lice? Don’t counting On It, carry out This Instead…

Some parents revolve to word-of-mouth DIY home remedies because that killing head lice, such as tea tree oil, mayonnaise, neem oil, argan oil under level iron heat, punch dryer heat, saline spray, vinegar and many other treatments.

These “lice killing hacks” room messy, time consuming and also not supported by scientific evidence as true lice killers. If girlfriend tried one OTC head lice therapy that didn’t work and also you are particular that your son didn’t obtain reinfested, seek skilled help.

It’s feasible that girlfriend are managing “super lice”, in other words, head lice that are extremely resistant come the active ingredients in her over-the-counter lice killer treatment products. If even a couple of of these stay after trying to burn them with a flat iron, they will certainly reproduce and also come ago to offer you the very same problems.

To death lice once-and-for-all you need to consult v your pediatrician or call a pediatric dermatologist for a prescription-strength head lice treatment to kill those little buggers.

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So... Have the right to a level iron death lice? Yeah, alot of them yet not all. And they’ll be earlier like THE TERMINATOR. It’s ideal to speak to a expert for a more powerful lice-killing solution.