An X-Ray an equipment consists of 2 main contents – X-Ray generator and picture detection system. One X-Ray tube basically is a high-vacuum diode consisting of a Cathode and Anode. X-ray pipe operates by generating a stream of electrons by heating up a cathode (tungsten) filament. This stream of electrons is directed at high speed at a high voltage Anode bowl (usually tungsten). X-radiation is created due to the electrons’ interaction with the atomic particles that the Anode. The X-Rays are focused by a collimator on to a photographic plate, wherein the image is captured. The body-part gift investigated is placed in the route of the X-Rays in between the tube and the photographic plate.

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The key parts of an X-ray generator

the tube,the high voltage generator,the control console, andthe cooling system.

Functioning of an X-Ray generator

X-Ray tube

The X-Ray Tube

The tube cathode (filament) is heated v a low-voltage present of a couple of amps. The filament heats up and the electrons in the wire start breaking free. Come kick off the circulation of electrons, a strong electrical potential is created between the cathode and the anode through the generator. Electrons that break cost-free of the cathode space strongly attractive to the anode disc. The electron flow between the cathode and the anode is called the tube current. The tube existing is measure in milliamps (mA) and also is controlled by regulation the low-voltage, heater current used to the cathode. Greater the temperature the the filament, the bigger the number of electrons that leave the cathode and also travel come the anode. The mA or current setting on the control console regulates the filament temperature and hence the soot of the X-ray output.

GE HF benefit X-Ray machine

High Voltage generator

The high-voltage in between the cathode and also the anode influence the rate at i beg your pardon the electron travel and strike the anode. The higher the voltage (kV), the higher the rate and, therefore, energy the electrons have actually when castle strike the anode. Greater the power of the electron striking the anode, much better the X-rays penetration. The high-voltage potential is measure up in kilovolts (kV) which is controlled using the kV regulate on the console.

Used GE HF benefit X-Ray machine

Cooling System

A focusing cup is used to concentration the currently of electron to a little area on the anode, called the focal distance spot. The focal spot size is an important factor in the system’s capability to create a sharp image. Many of the power (nearly 98%) used to the pipe is changed into warmth at the focal point out of the anode. Therefore, that is crucial to cool the anode. Tubes are cooled utilizing a water or oil recirculating system.Vacuum is maintained inside the tube, in bespeak to protect against the cathode from burning up and to avoid arcing in between the anode and also the cathode.

Control Console

The other vital component of one X-ray generating system is the control console. There room three main adjustable controls that manage the 1) pipe voltage in kilovolts, 2) the pipe amperage in milliamps, and also the 3) exposure time in minutes and also seconds. Some systems additionally have a move to readjust the focal length spot size of the tube.

HF X-Ray machines today have actually digital console with settings for procedure being done (e.g AP Lumbar) and the patient thickness, quite than the Voltage, Current and Exposure time, do it less complicated for the technician.

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GE DX-300 video demo

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