As a lover that puns, I"d like to gain it, yet I think the it is in reality false the means it is phrased.

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A equipment is identified as: "a homogeneous mixture composed of two or more substances" Alcohol alone would certainly not constitute a mixture of multiple substances and also would as such not be a solution.

But in English the word "alcohol" is also commonly used to to express to countless recreational drinks containing ethyl alcohol in enhancement to other types of molecules. Are there any type of common instances of alcoholic beverages which are options in the scientific sense that would make the pun valid, such together liquor, wine, or beer?

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Technically, alcohol is the name of a class of organic compounds containing one or number of hydroxyl groups.

Colloquially, the term "alcohol" is interpreted as you have actually described: A equipment (of varying level of purity) that ethanol and water. Pure ethanol is impossible to create via the traditional technique of purification (atmospheric distillation) together the water-ethanol mixture is azeotropic:¹

An azeotrope <...> is a mixture of 2 or much more liquids whose proportions can not be changed by an easy distillation. This happens because, as soon as an azeotrope is boiled, the vapour has the same proportions of constituents as the unboiled mixture.

Source: Wikipedia

This is why a chemist would never think "100% pure ethanol" when you mention "alcohol".

If you examine for instance this merchant page for the pure ethanol (>99.5%) I could find, you see miscellaneous substances listed as impurities:

Other necessary substances, such together isopropanol and also acetone

Concerning your 2nd question, I would argue that countless distilled spirits (vodka, whisky, and also cognac simply to name a few) are services of ethanol, water, and also various flavour compounds.

Some alcoholic beverages, such as unfiltered beer and wine, usually likewise contain heavy particles and also would because of this be properly termed "suspensions".

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¹ i wonder currently whether it would certainly be possible to develop 100% ethanol from one more mixture somehow. The problem is more than likely that every common beginning mixture already has part amount of water. Yet synthesizing ethanol in, say, one ionic liquid under an inert atmosphere and then distilling that away could be an interesting approach.