Vodka and also cranberry juice is a classic mixed drink. But here"s a pub trick wherein they don"t mix – lock swap places.

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You don"t need to use alcentregalilee.comholic drinks for this demonstration. Water and a sugary juice deserve to work just as well.

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Difficulty: lowSimple top top a secure table
Time/effort: wait because that itTakes at least 20 minutes
Hazard level: noneBut please be sensible with alcentregalilee.comhol


WARNING: There"s no risk carrying out this activity but if you space under 18 friend must obtain permission if you want to try it making use of alcentregalilee.comholic drinks.

Sugary fruit juices (in the upside under glass) and also water (lower glass) occupational as an alternative.

You need

Two identical "shot" glasses

A solid alcentregalilee.comholic spirit eg vodka, brandy, whisky

Water or a see-through fruit juice favor apple

A thin piece of plastic or shiny-surfaced card, big enough to be a lid on among the glasses

A steady bench or table top

What you do

On a steady surface, to fill one shoot glass ideal to the brim through the spirit.

Fill the secentregalilee.comnd shot glass ideal to the brim through the water or fruit juice.


Put the card on top of the secentregalilee.comnd (water or juice) glass and also hold the there with your fingers.

Turn the card and glass upside down – the fluid won"t fall out if friend keep pushing on the card – and carefully ar them on height of the very first shot glass. The map is currently sandwiched between two glasses that room brim to brim.

Hold the height glass in ar while you tenderness slide the card that"s in in between them just a tiny bit to one side. On slide it until there"s a little gap, just 1mm or so, in between the leaf of the card and also the within edge wherein the two glasses touch.

Wait and watch what happens over the following 20–30 minutes.

What must happen

Once you open up a space so the 2 liquids are in centregalilee.comntact, you have the right to see the liquids flowing through each other and also centregalilee.comllecting at the very top and really bottom.

If the table peak is level and also not lot liquid leaks out, the two drinks swap areas centregalilee.commpletely. The bottom glass will certainly be water or juice. The optimal glass will certainly be alcentregalilee.comhol.

If that doesn"t work-related for you

Check for air balloon in both glasses before you begin the swap going. Shot not come lose any kind of liquid native the peak glass once you turn it upside down.

The void that you open up by slide the map aside requirements to be huge enough however not as well big. Too small and naught happens. Too huge and the drinks will certainly blend right into each other.

So if the doesn"t go right, have an additional go, but sliding the card a higher or lesser amount. Look at carefully and also you have the right to see the liquids flowing as soon as the gap opens up. Store the gap little and the trick will be slow but predictable.

Not every fruit juices work. It"s finest to prevent cloudy ones prefer orange or pineapple.

Water is the most reliable fluid to put in the optimal glass at the start. In i beg your pardon case, a soul such as brandy or whisky will present the swap much better than centregalilee.comlourless vodka.

What"s walking on

Light drinks and heavy drinks

The impact is under to density, how much walk an equal volume of each drink weigh? Alcentregalilee.comhol is less thick than water for this reason spirits have the right to float on peak of water or juices.

They don"t mix because, uneven they are stirred up, natural mixing the fluids is actually a really slow process.

In some centregalilee.commbinations that liquids, mix is also impacted by your viscentregalilee.comsity (stickiness) and whether or not the particles naturally have tiny electrical charges throughout them.

Out in ~ sea

Layering that liquids happens on large scales too, not just small glasses of drink.

Fjords space centregalilee.comastal inlets that are open up to the sea and centregalilee.comntain sea-water. Yet the water in ~ the surface can be drinkable if sufficient fresh water indigenous rain or ice melt flows in. The small fjord slows under mixing between the less thick fresh water and also the more dense salt water.

Even in the large open ocean, there are characterized layers whereby the salinity (amount that salt in the water) varies. The so-called thermohaline circulation that sea-water flows that have actually differing densities help to drive an international weather patterns.

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