We all know Beyoncé Giselle Knowles as an global solo superstar, but she wasn\"t constantly a one-woman show. Once Bey was 9 years old, she was a member that the girl team Girls Tyme and they performed in ~ talent shows about Beyoncé\"s hometown the Houston, Texas, follow to Associated Press. Beyoncé and three other young girls went on to form Destiny\"s kid in the late 1990s. Despite the group went through countless member changes, that final kind consisted of Beyoncé, Kelendria \"Kelly\" Rowland, and also Michelle Williams. 

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In both groups, Queen Bey\"s just other consistent bandmate was Rowland. Destiny\"s Child became one the the greatest girl teams in music, giving fans hits choose \"Survivor,\" \"Soldier,\" and also the whole 1999 album The Writing\"s ~ above the Wall, till their fifth and final album Destiny Fulfilled in 2004 (per Grammys).

Rowland walk on to have a effective career together well, yet can friend imagine being Beyoncé\"s bestie and also coworker because that the bulk of her adolescence and young adulthood? Let\"s take a look at what Rowland had actually to say around it. 

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Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland aren\"t technically related, however they might also be — the two singers grew up together, coming to be tight-knit after conference at a girl Tyme audition when they were nine, follow to a 2019 Marie Claire interview. Rowland called the outlet, \"I prospered up v Beyoncé, she sister Solange , her mom Tina , and her eldest cousin Angie .\" She went on to say that she and also Beyoncé were particularly close because the two have actually been doing rehearsals together because they to be so young. 

\"We grew up in this market together; we\"ve shared ups and also downs and also we space closer than ever,\" she said. \"I have the right to tell she anything and also she\"ll never judge me. She\"s a actual friend: genuine, loyal, and also trustworthy.\" together all sisterhoods, though, it wasn\"t all roses. The \"Coffee\" singer acquired real about some of her harder times through Queen Bey and how it affected her. 

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Of course, Kelly Rowland would never ever speak badly about her friend Beyoncé Knowles — also their children are besties, follow to People — yet it hasn\"t always been straightforward living in her shadow. Rowland opened up up around this on The Voice Australia while speaking to a contestant that felt as though he was in the zero of his brother, that was also a contestant on the singing competition show. According to Harper\"s Bazaar, Rowland said, \"I understand this feeling. Deserve to you imagine what it\"s choose being in a group with Beyoncé? I would simply torture myself in my head like, \"Well, ns can\"t wear this dress \"cause they\"re gonna to speak it\"s choose B.\" Or, \"I can\"t have actually a song favor that due to the fact that it sound too much like B.\"\" 

She walk on to add that it would be a lie come say the didn\"t bother her. \"There was a entirety decade — if I\"m being fully honest, decade — the it was prefer the elephant in the room,\" the singer added, \"the point that would constantly be on mine shoulder.\" 

However, she didn\"t permit these feeling to weigh her down, together Rowland is a Grammy-winning musician, coach that The Voice Australia, and also actress. Besides, she has a few cameos in Beyoncé\"s 2020 intuitive album Black Is King and also the duo was every smiles.