The term "Hemisphere" was acquired from the Greek indigenous Hemisphairion which describes one-half of a spherical body. A hemisphere have the right to be identified as any kind of circle that has been drawn approximately the Earth and divides the earth into two comparable halves. Four different hemispheres space generally thought about by geographers. These space the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western hemispheres.

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The Equator is the 0° latitude line at the earth center, which divides the earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The element Meridian or the 0° longitude line and also the antemeridian or the 180° longitude line division the planet into the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

The Earth"s equator, latitudes and also longitude.
Therefore, the locations that are located to the phibìc of the Equator are taken into consideration as a part of the north Hemisphere, while those locations that space in the southern of the Equator are considered as a component of the southerly Hemisphere.

The only nation to be situated in every the four hemispheres is the island nation of Kiribati. It has been observed that a full of 12 nations are located in both the Northern and also Southern Hemispheres of the Earth.

Northern Hemisphere

A major portion that the earth’s landmass, around 67.3%, is situated in the north Hemisphere. This hemisphere has the whole parts of north America, main America, and also Europe and also the northern part of south America, around two-thirds of north Africa, and significant parts the mainland Asia.

The countries of Canada, Mexico, the joined States, the Caribbean Islands, and also the West Indies room a part of the continent of north America and also are completely placed in the northern Hemisphere. The nations of Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela are located north that the Equator in the continent of southern America. Brazil and also Ecuador room the just two southern American countries that are partially situated in the northern Hemisphere. Around 32 African countries are completely or partly located in the north hemisphere, along with about 54 asian countries.

About 60.7% that the planet’s water is located in the north Hemisphere. The only ocean that is completely located in this hemisphere is the Arctic Ocean. The other oceans, namely the Pacific, Atlantic, and also the Indian Ocean have actually portions both in the Northern and in the southerly hemisphere.

Due to the tilt that the earth’s axis, the northern Hemisphere experience the summer season indigenous June come September and the winter season native December come March. It has been estimated that about 87% the the Earth’s populace lives in the northern Hemisphere.

Southern Hemisphere

About 32.7% the the earth’s landmass is located in the southern Hemisphere. This hemisphere contains the entirety of Australia, new Zealand, and also Antarctica also as significant parts of south America, about one-third that Africa, and some islands of mainland Asia. Around 80.9% of the Earth’s southerly Hemisphere is spanned with water. Major portions of the Pacific, Atlantic, and also Indian seas are situated in the southerly hemisphere. In enhancement to this, the only s that is completely located right here is the southerly Ocean.

The southern Hemisphere experience a milder climate contrasted to the northern Hemisphere and experiences the summer season native December to February and the winter season from June to August. It has been approximated that more than 800 million world reside in the southerly Hemisphere. Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Sydney, and also Melbourne are several of the biggest metropolitan areas that are located in the southerly Hemisphere.

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Eastern Hemisphere

The locations that are located in the east of the prime Meridian and the west that the antemeridian are thought about to be a component of the east Hemisphere. Frequently referred to as the "Oriental Hemisphere" and also occasionally in a social and geopolitical feeling the "Old World," this hemisphere includes significant parts the Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. A part of Antarctica is likewise located here. The eastern Hemisphere incorporates a better land area compared to that of the west Hemisphere. It has actually been estimated that around 82% that the Earth’s population resides in the eastern Hemisphere.

Standing ~ above opposite sides of the prime Meridian in ~ Greenwich, UK. The Eastern and Western Hemispheres lie to the right and left of the prime Meridian in the above image.

Western Hemisphere

The areas that are situated in the west that the prime Meridian and the east of the antemeridian are considered as parts of the west Hemisphere. This hemisphere includes the entire portions of North and South America and parts the Eurasia, Africa, Antarctica, and also Oceania. The excessive eastern edge of the Russian mainland is also a part of the west Hemisphere. Located in the Andes mountain variety in Argentina is mount Aconcagua, which rises to an elevation of 6,960.8 m and is the highest possible mountain in the west Hemisphere.

There space some nations that are located in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. They are the unified Kingdom, united States, France, Spain, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Ghana, Mali, Togo, Fiji, Kiribati, and Russia.