Indecent exposure in California is prosecuted together a sex crime. As a result, a conviction because that indecent exposure have the right to have destructive consequences.

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A first-time conviction is only a misdemeanor, punishable by increase to 6 months in ar jail and a well of as much as $1,000. However, a single conviction for indecent exposure can lug a mandated 10-year registration together a Tier One sex offender in California.

Registration as a sex offender have the right to significantly affect your capacity to smoothly live her life. This details will be clearly shows to employers and also landlords, and it can affect your capacity to travel, get housing and safely live in her neighborhood.

What is ‘Indecent Exposure’ in California?


While six months in ar jail and also a $1,000 fine might seem lenient, the many devastating part of one indecent exposure conviction is the 10-year causing obligation registration as a sex offender in California.

The California sex offender it is registered is well-known to it is in particularly challenging for those who room on it. It will come up in lift checks, meaning that it have the right to make it challenging to achieve a job, a lease, loan or other significant things.

As well, for those with skilled licenses — dentists, nurses and also doctors — figure on a sex offender registry have the right to often result in having your professional license stripped.

Failing to register as a sex offender is a wobbler (based on the severity that your original charge), and is punishable by as much as 1 year in county jail (as a misdemeanor) or 3 years in state jail (as a felony).

Defending against Indecent Exposure Charges

“Mr. Helfend absolutely saved my bacon. After ~ finding myself charged v fraud, ns was terrified. I have actually never been introduced to the legal device from this side before, and it was unsettling. However, Robert was able to calm me down and help me number out my situation. He even got the situation dropped before trial! i don’t want to be in an additional situation whereby I require a criminal defense lawyer, however if I ever am, I understand who I will call!”Pete, CA

Because of the mandatory necessity to register as a sex offender, an indecent exposure conviction deserve to severely influence your an individual and professional life.

This is why that is so vital to work together with a expert criminal defense attorney to craft your defense. Together we stated above, there is a variety of things the the prosecution has to prove in order to secure an indecent exposure conviction, and an competent attorney can work in ~ the facts of the situation to lug the truth to light.

Maybe it was accidental or you thought you to be alone. The might’ve been dark out, and you might have to be misidentified. An attorney can aid you navigate all of these techniques in a courtroom.

With more than 30 year in Los Angeles and Ventura ar courts, ns have defended a number of these cases, and I am all set to stand for you. Call my office this particular day for a complimentary case evaluation.

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What is ‘Indecent Exposure’ in California?

California defines indecent exposure as the plot of willfully exposing your vul in the existence of a person who can be offended, and also intentionally directing their fist to your genitals for the objectives of your or someone else’s sex-related gratification, or sexually offending someone else.