When it concerns unusually monster laws, the beehive state is no exception. From weird boxing regulations to cram snowballs, right here are five weird Utah laws that space still in the books. 

No biting in a boxing match




Getting arrested for riding her bike with no hands would certainly be a bad method to start your summer. It may come as a surprised to understand that Utah legislation requires all people on a bicycle or moped to save at the very least one hand top top the handlebars at every times. That's right, no more cool tricks. 41-6a-1112 likewise prohibits a human being from moving anything on a bike or moped that keeps castle from making use of both hands.

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Buying Milk


Shooting in ~ buses


No cram Snowballs


Although many of these offenses it seems ~ to walk unenforced, they room still laws, and enforcement can be brought out. If you uncover yourself being charged for any type of sort the crime, be sure to notify yourself that the present laws on bail. A bail bondsman can assist you pay for bail for this reason you have the right to prepare for your trial.

If you or someone you understand needs assist getting a bail bond, Sportsman Bail bonds is the ar for you. We execute our ideal to acquire you outcomes fast. Friend can speak to us in ~ 801-623-6877 or call us online.

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