A rail spike looks prefer a large nail and its key use is for addressing rails (train tracks) to railroad ties. In the last couple of decades, rail spikes have started being provided as key material for developing all type of fix up solutions around the house, anything from cabinet hardware come toilet record holders, providing a more rough, rustic look come a place.

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While many railroads buy railroad spikes directly from the manufacturers in big orders, the rail spike “artists” looking to buy rail spikes have to look into second markets i m sorry can meet a small order, typically 50 to 100 rail spikes.

Since we’re talking around where to buy rail spikes from, i should point out that we freshly wrote one article about railroad spikes art, which offers you end 100 concepts of what you can manufacture out of a rail spike. Inspect it out!

Before we discuss the areas that sell railroad spikes, let’s deal with the following question.

Can ns get complimentary railroad spikes?

It depends.

If you have actually read how to Get cost-free Railroad Ties? friend will know my answer. Let’s assume friend didn’t.Many world have noticed the railroads leaving either railroad ties or rail spikes ideal by the tracks, i beg your pardon raised numerous eyebrows for world looking to get free stuff. Well, nothing is free.

Taking any kind of of those items without advanced permission indigenous the owner is considered theft, walking approximately the rail tracks is thought about trespassing.

So, there is no chance I deserve to get cost-free railroad spikes?

You might have the ability to get them because that free, however not by simply taking them. Very first make sure you call the owner, i beg your pardon in many of the cases is the railroad agency that operates there (not all the time), they could be willing to simply hand them come you because that free. Or not.

You might be able to get a better price if you buy them straight from them in bulk, suspect you need a big number.

Anyhow, the essence of mine answer is the you shouldn’t take it the rail spikes that space sitting through the tracks, that can get you in a many trouble.


Where come buy rail spikes from?

As discussed above, uneven you are building a couple miles of train track in her backyard, possibilities that friend need more than a couple of railroad spikes room slim.

The average buying order for railroad spikes is between 50 come 100 pieces. Ns am no saying you cannot buy more, that’s just the average. Probably that’s type of the sweet number the is provided for a decent dimension project, wherein things deserve to go wrong and also you need spare pieces.

Some that the rail spikes that space for sale the end there were formerly used, many of them being fully covered in rust. These are usually the cheapest people you will certainly find, if cleaning doesn’t stroked nerves you it can be the best option.However, the an ext expensive persons are currently cleaned by any type of rust and are ready for your next project.

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Let’s look in ~ the rusted, uncleaned people first.

One of mine favourite areas to buy rail spikes is Amazon, over there are couple of sellers that market railroad spikes in good condition (as an excellent it deserve to be because that a 10-25 years old railroad spike).