Worldwide demand for latex is in ~ anall-time high. Most big users are on allocation andsmall users are scrambling to get any kind of at all. Andyou thought you were the only one to switch tolatex water-reducible radiator repaint in her shop!It just goes to show how powerful a group NARSA and the radiator repair market are.OK, so there is another use because that latex that possibly a bit more financially rewarding and a an excellent deal more important to culture as a whole. But even asthat market is expanding (no pun intended), theuse that latex repaint is adhering to suit.Because of boosting regulations and also a desireto alleviate the use of hazardous chemicals in ours lives, countless shops space switching to latexwater-reducible paints. Space these paints much safer touse 보다 the solvent based types? In a word, yes.Well, that"s it for this month, join me following issuewhen the topic will be…OK, maybe we shouldpoint the end the risks that execute exist.First let"s keep in mind the danger that doesn"t exist:fire. Latex paints are water-based and have flash points in excess of 200° F (93º C). For this reason theconcerns of fire, explosion and vapors travellingto one ignition source in her shop are minimal.But realize several of the additive in latex paintwill burn if a flame is placed to them, especiallywhen the repaint is gift sprayed together a mist. Sodon"t litter caution fully to the wind.Also associated with solvent-based paintsare pertains to of volatile organic contents (VOC). These comes to are greatly lessened whenusing latex-based paints, but not eliminated.Latex paints tho contain part VOCs. Commonly thecontent is about 1/10 of the solvent-basedpaints. But it"s still something to keep in mindwhen filling the end those VOC compliance forms.The fumes released by latex paints pose a tiny hazard. Additive such together ethylene glycolare common and glycols are mildly toxicity by inhalation. Therefore be certain to use a repaint fume and also mistfiltering mask as soon as spraying paint of any kind of type.Even if there to be no health hazard associated with the paint, clean lungs room happy lungsand many acute (short-term) exposures resultin chronic (long-term) exposures and also no one to know what disadvantage health concerns may bediscovered under the road. Just a instance of bettersafe than sorry.You deserve to probably tell by the truth that i ambeginning to talk philosophically and also am utilizing a lotof cliches that i am out of cold hard facts aboutthe wellness hazards of latex paint. I can"t even thinkup one analogy indigenous a movie or TV display that would certainly make feeling in this article.So I will leave well sufficient alone and also reiterate the latex-based, water-reducible paints area good deal much safer from a health and fire element than the solvent-based products. Yet theydo contain chemicals that space unnatural in the human body and should be used with respect.Remember the general public at big depends on friend to do "safe service." So as soon as it comes tolatex paint, don"t forget: Wrap the Radiator!The above article was written by David M. Brown, Chief engineer of Johnson manufacturing Company, Inc.and is published by JOHNSON with the expressed approval of the nationwide Automotive Radiator ServiceAssociation and the Automotive Cooling Journal.

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