Among the first thing a chronicler discovers in his examine of early people are documents of people’s belief, or faith, in powers better than themselves, and also their desire to recognize what reasons these powers to act. Civilization everywhere wonder around the marvelous points in the sky and on the earth. What provides the rain? exactly how do the plants and also animals live and also grow and die? Why room some civilization lucky and also others unlucky? Some think in complimentary will while others believe in fate or destiny. In the play Oedipus the King by Sophocles, Oedipus to be a true victim of fate.Gods and goddesses were believed to be responsible because that the marvels of science, and also the vagaries of human being nature; therefore, according to the facts of this story, Oedipus to be a true victim that fate for number of reasons. Laius and also Jocasta, the childless king and queen that Thebes, to be told through the god Apollo the their boy would death his father and also marry his mommy (page 56). A child was born come them, and they tried come make sure that the prophecy would certainly not come true. Lock drove a metal pin v the infants ankles and also gave it come a shepherd, with instructions to leave it come die.The shepherd pitied the tiny infant so he provided the child to an additional shepherd. This shepherd offered the baby to a childless king and queen that Corinth, Polybus and also Merope. This royal couple named the boy Oedipus, i m sorry in that Greek form Oidipous way “swollen foot. ” Oedipus was carried up believing that Polybus and Merope to be his genuine parents, and also Lauis and Jocasta believed that their son was dead and also the prophecy of Apollo was false. Countless years later, he to be told by a drunk male at a banquet the he was no a true heir of Polybus (page 55). That then checked out the oracle ofApollo, come ask the god who his real parents were. Every he was told was the he would kill his father and marry his mother (page 56). That resolved never ever to return to Corinth, come Polybus and also Merope, and also started the end to do a brand-new life for self elsewhere. He pertained to a location where three main roads met, and in the narrow location was ordered turn off the road and then attacked by the driver that a chariot in i m sorry an old man was riding. A struggle started, and Oedipus, in self- defense, eliminated the old man and his attendants. The old male in the chariot to be Lauis, king that Thebes, and also the dad of Oedipus.Although Oedipus had not recognized it, he had actually killed his father and the very first half the the prophecy the Apollo was fulfilled. Oedipus ongoing on his means and came down on Thebes. He fixed a riddle which saved the city native the sphinx. He came to be the king the Thebes, and also then married a lady by the name of Jocasta. The prophecy the Apollo to be now fully fulfilled. Oedipus having actually no expertise of Apollo’s prophecy being true, cursed the separation, personal, instance who eliminated Laius to be banished native Thebes forever. After placing two and two together, it was he, Oedipus, who had actually killed Laius, is very own father.He did no go ago on his word, and also like a man, the dethroned himself together king, and also banished self from Thebes. When again, he to be destined to be dethroned and also banished. Comparing mine life v Oedipus’, I’ve uncovered a an excellent deal about free choice and also destiny. I learned that one day, you can be the richest human being alive, however be the poorest human the next day and also vice versa. In life, anything can happen, even if it is it is expected or unexpected. That is once fate overrides and overpowers complimentary will. Totally free will is a selection that an individual decides to carry out or ccomplish.Destiny or fate is what just happens. Nobody knows as soon as or exactly how something will happen, but it will. Laius and also Jocasta heard the their son will kill the father and marry the mother. Also after abandoning the baby and also believing the he to be dead, the prophecy to be destined and somehow come true. V me getting caught for shoplifting was also destined. The voices i heard in mine head to be a warning, and also I decided to overlook it but it was destined come happen. The work our stays end, we don’t pick where we will go, we, i believe, room destined to be sent where we belong.In the play Oedipus the King through Sophocles, Oedipus to be a true victim of fate. Choose Oedipus, there to be a time in mine life once I too, felt like a victim that fate. The Greeks had an orderly explanation of the development of the world. Indigenous this Greek tragedy, ns learned much more about your manners, customs and also ideals. I have grown to appreciate their love of beauty, your joy and laughter, and the sorrows they competent in life. I likewise realized how an excellent of strength destiny and also fate have over cost-free will. The ethical of this play ns learned is the if that destined, it will sooner or later happen!
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