Ralph Carter Biography

Ralph Carter (Full name – Ralph David Carter) is one American actor and singer. His career boomed for only 13 years from 1974 to 1987 prior to he disappeared indigenous the limelight. The is finest remembered as Michael Evans on the CBS sitcom Good Times from 1974–1979. That acted as the youngest kid of Florida and James Evans. He started his exhilaration career once he was just 9 year old.

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He had actually previously appeared in the Broadway music Raisin, based on the Lorraine Hansberry drama A Raisin in the Sun prior to his figure in the great Times. Ralph later showed up in the cast of “Ain’t an alleged to dice a organic Death” because that the timeless Theater that Harlem company in 2005.

Ralph Carter Age

Carter to be born on may 30, 1961, in brand-new York City, new York, United States. He started his career as an actor on Broadway at the tender age of nine. Carter turns 59 years old in 2020.

Ralph Carter Height

He appears to be relatively short in stature if his photos loved one to his surroundings room anything to go by. Carter seems to was standing at a height below the American male median of 5′ 7″. However, his specific height and other body dimensions are not taped on any kind of publicly available source at the moment.

Ralph Carter Family

In as lot as Carter maybe reasonably considered a public figure as result of the nature of his work, not much of his an individual life is recognized to the public. This may be attributed to the fact that the was and also still is a really private person.

He has always kept his household under the wraps away from the prying eyes of the media. Therefore, there is no information around Carter’s family in terms of his parental or siblings.

Carter’s Photo

Ralph Carter Wife and Kids

Carter gained married to river York, his second wife, in 1994. As with he has maintained his life in secrecy, that has likewise kept his marriage and also family life a an enig too. Not much is known around them.

He, however, married his an initial wife Lisa Parks, in 1987 however they later divorced in 1992. The factor for divorce is no clear. Carter has five children.

Ralph Carter Gay

For a human being who has disappeared because that so long and one that speaks so little, speculations deserve to be high. There room a the majority of speculations around Carter’s sexual orientation, perhaps due to the fact that he has kept a large chunk of his personal life secret. However, for a man who has had actually two marriages (all with someone of opposing gender) and also has 5 kids, it might be a small absurd to i think he is gay.

Though he has not come out openly to check whether he is gay or straight, us think he is straight.

Ralph Carter Now

Carter has been missing in the limelight. Apart from his figure in the actors of Ain’t supposed to die a herbal Death for the timeless Theater of Harlem agency in 2005, no various other news around him. Ralph Carter Instagram is no available.

Ralph Carter Songs

When you are young in loveForever tough style

Ralph Carter net Worth

Even though his career just lasted a brief 13 years, Carter no doubt made good returns indigenous his contracts together an actor particularly on the show great Times. His economic tasks since the went secret from the screens are not well documented but he is approximated to have collected an approximated net worth of approximately $1 Million.

Ralph Carter good Times

While acting as the youngest child of Florida and James Evans in the an excellent Times, Carter to be nominated for a Tony award for finest Supporting or Featured gibbs (Musical). That holds the distinction of having showed up in two Galt MacDermot flop musicals in the exact same season, for which he won the Drama desk Award for most Promising Performer, Dude and also Via Galactica.

Ralph Carter Death

Though he has been lacking from the reflects for a while, over there is no news around his death yet. The speculations about his death might be led to by his prolonged hiatus. That is, however, ok because that someone to retreat indigenous the limelight and lead a great family life.

Frequently inquiry questions around Ralph Carter.

How old is Ralph Carter?

Carter turns 59 years old in 2020. He was born on may 30, 1961, in new York City, brand-new York, United States.

Where is Ralph Carter?

Since showing up in Ain’t claimed to die a Natural death in 2005, Carter’s whereabouts are unknown.

What happened to Ralph Carter from good Times?

Nothing happened, he just seems to be in a lengthy hiatus.

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Is Ralph Carter dead or alive?

Carter has been just on a lengthy hiatus indigenous the showbiz arena. However, he is quiet alive and also well.