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It’s necessary to speak this first: push junkets room hard. A film or TV star is inserted in a generic room, and also media outlets are cycled through in 15-minute intervals. The is a construct v a primary goal the efficiency — promoting a movie or show to as many newspapers, magazines, and websites as feasible in as tiny time as possible — and a finish disinterest in substance. Stars often struggle to take care of the repetitive mundanity that press-junket interviews, though in different ways. Castle rebel versus the mandate that they sell their movie, they uncover themselves unable to fake chemistry v their costars, castle toy v the interviewer — who, it need to be noted, has spent sleepless nights trying come come increase with questions or prompts that against all odds might elicit one genuine moment — or they simply go fully silent. Ns don’t think Ben Affleck to be pondering the utter woe of person existence in the now-infamous Batman v Superman junket interview, that was just questioning exactly how long he had remained in that room — days, weeks, years?

But when in a good while, whatever aligns — like as soon as Ryan Reynolds and also Jake Gyllenhaal recently spent a day together doing press junket interviews for your movie Life in Austin, Texas.

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Watching lot of interviews indigenous one junket is usually just a class in how many different methods there space to say, “I really pertained to this character.” yet digesting all of the interviews Reynolds and also Gyllenhaal did for Life was illuminating. Right here is what ns learned.

Jake Gyllenhaal ❤ Ryan Reynolds

We have to start here, because this observation informs the rest of the lessons. Usually, interviews favor this aren’t Gyllenhaal’s forte. The push junkets because that Nightcrawler and Nocturnal Animals put the actor’s an ext eccentric qualities and also shyness under a spotlight, and also he come off either disinterested or just unable to attach to fellow humans. But those interviews walk not have actually what the Life interviews have: the love that Jake Gyllenhaal’s life, Ryan Reynolds. Does anyone look in ~ you the method Gyllenhaal looks in ~ Reynolds?

In high institution terms, Reynolds is the cool an elderly everyone loves — the prom king that happens to it is in nice and funny — and Gyllenhaal is the theater nerd that no one realizes is hot until the takes his glasses off. In each of these interviews, Gyllenhaal is do the efforts so difficult to you re welcome Reynolds. The laughs really hard in ~ Reynolds’s jokes, compliments the on his feminist values — “if you keep this idea that this hierarchy … it no . That’s why i adore this guy, due to the fact that that never ever comes right into play” — and he apes Reynolds constantly, seemingly the end of sheer admiration. Due to the fact that Reynolds’s default is “sarcastic and also dick-ish in a funny way,” Gyllenhaal go his best to become that as well. Clock what the does when an interviewer gives him a Deadpool memento:


That’s not a Gyllenhaal move — that’s a Gyllenhaal-trying-to-impress-Reynolds move, and it’s adorable. Also — and ns promise this is the last point around how lot Jake Gyllenhaal loves Ryan Reynolds — another one of these interviews starts with Gyllenhaal saying the following: “I am unapproachable in this interviews, usually, therefore they’re just like, ‘What’s walk on v Gyllenhaal?’ for this reason , it’s Reynolds.”

Jake Gyllenhaal ❤ speculative Fashion

Reynolds wore a Hawaiian shirt to push day — a fact that DID not GO UNNOTICED by any participating media outlet. The factor Reynolds chose this post of clothes is rather of a mystery. In one interview, he insurance claims an airline lost his bag. In another, he suggests he wore the shirt to indicate his blatant ambivalence. Gyllenhaal, meanwhile, wore a basic-ass shirt that he believes rides too much up his neck:


It doesn’t; that a continual shirt. Nonetheless, this comparison in apparel bothers Jake Gyllenhaal to no end throughout the day. In ~ one point, that calls himself Frankenstein, can not to view that Reynolds likes him regardless of exactly how his Oxford fits.

Ryan Reynolds does Not know “Bad and Boujee”

This was Jake Gyllenhaal’s One shining Moment. After a full day of make the efforts to impress Ryan Reynolds, an possibility of true superiority gift itself once Reynolds called Migos “the Atlanta band” in an interview through Wired. Come his credit, Gyllenhaal, who likely did not recognize what “Bad and Boujee” was till Donald Glover mentioned it at the gold Globes, maintained his composure. Laughing in ~ Reynolds’s ignorance and shrugging his shoulders favor a actual Steve McQueen, Gyllenhaal hit him through the nonchalant “It’s cool.” Well played, champ.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is tho Working through Some Things

Jake Gyllenhaal is a very good actor. The he no nominated for an Oscar because that Nightcrawler is an injustice. Furthermore, moody guys who were teenagers in the early 2000s owe him for Donnie Darko. But Jakey Gylls isn’t exactly built for off-the-cuff interactions.

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He’s also weird. If girlfriend let him walk off top top a tangent, something bizarre will certainly come out of his mouth. Like, if girlfriend ask that if Ryan Reynolds is pertained to Ryan Gosling, he could say, “Canada had sex through America and also then they do the 2 of them, lock twins, and also both of castle tried come eat each various other in the womb, however they didn’t, castle survived.” and also then hell look in ~ you like:

This is not the man you want providing an impromptu decided at a wedding. “AND climate DAN’S face WILL MELT DOWN right into A actors OF CHRISTINE’S HEART!” Ya gotta keep Gyllenhaal ~ above script. But, if you absolutely must lock that in a cold, dark room for most of the daylight hours, at the very least make certain there’s a charming male in a vibrant shirt to assist him v it.