The 72-year-old singer and Sharon, 68, have actually been married because 1982, and also she"s admitted that they were having "legendary" fights at one suggest in time.

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She shared: "Our fights were, legendary. We would certainly beat the s*** out of every other. It stopped, should be, two decades ago, yet we had a an excellent run."

Sharon likewise revealed the she"s proficient violence in her duty as Ozzy"s long-time manager.

She said: "I"ve hit guys in business and it"s choose ... Sorry. That"s the means I was lugged up. Ns famously fight a promoter - i kneed him in the crotch and then i head butted him."

Sharon explained her late dad as being "notoriously violent", but admits her mindset towards aggressive behavior has developed over time.

She explained: "You grow. You prosper to a phase where it sickens you. You prosper to a phase where it physically provides you sick, however when you"re young and, friend know, you"re fighting the world. It"s different."

The celebrity pair - that have kids Jack, 35, Kelly, 36, and Aimee, 38, together - are at this time working ~ above a biopic about their "volatile" romance, and also Sharon wishes the film will start shooting in 2022.

Sharon told DailyMailTV: "It"s a movie about Ozzy"s and also my life, just how we came together in the beforehand days and also our volatile relationship. Every the fights, all the makeups, all the fights, all the arrests, every the everything. And it"s a love story.

"People room going to watch it go, "This isn’t allowed. They shouldn"t behave that way and placed it top top film". But just talking the truth. Some human being have volatile relationships and also ours was really volatile."

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