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Sodium chloride composed of sodium and chlorine atom is 1:1 ratio and have a chemical formula NaCl. It is common salt we usage in our everyday life and it is most responsible for the salinity the seawater. It shows up as a white crystalline hard without any kind of odor. That is additionally commonly used as condiments and also food preservatives.

In this article, we will comment on Is salt chloride (NaCl) ionic or covalent? chemistry bond, bonding formation, what type of link is current in NaCl, etc.

So, Is NaCl ionic or covalent? NaCl is an ionic compound since the bond formed between sodium and the chlorine atom is ionic in nature, it is formed as result of a large gap that electronegativity difference(almost much more than 2) exist in between the atom of NaCl.

Let’s check out in detail, why sodium chloride (NaCl) is one ionic compound? exactly how ionic bonds formation takes location in NaCl? what factors impact the ionic bond formation in NaCl and everything!

Name of MoleculeSodium chloride
Chemical formulaNaCl
Molar mass58.443 g/mol
Bond typeIonic
pH value7