It can be so interesting to watch your favorite publication come come life top top the large screen…especially as soon as that book features really, really big food falling indigenous the sky!


After reading this week’s disagreement Deal, Cloudy through a possibility of Meatballs, we watched the movie and also had an absolute (meat)ball! right here are several of the biggest distinctions we noticed in between the beloved photo book and the modern feature film.

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1. Why is it rain food, anyway?


In the 1978 picture book, a grandfather tells his grandchildren the story the a strange town dubbed Chewandswallow where food rain from the sky. But he never describes where this delicious weather comes from!


In the movie edition, the main character, Flint Lockwood, is a young scientist that invents a machine that deserve to turn water right into food. When he by chance launches it right into the sky, that discovers that he has the ability to do food rain from the sky on demand.

Grandpa’s ideal bedtime story takes ar in Chewandswallow.

2. Wait—where room we?

If you flourished up analysis Cloudy with a opportunity of Meatballs, you recognize the town with quirky weather is dubbed Chewandswallow. But in the movie, it’s dubbed Swallow Falls!


Swallow falls is a tiny island that’s concealed under the “A” in “Atlantic” on civilization maps. It’s renowned for creating sardines, yet when the human being realizes sardines space actually gross, the economy collapses, leave the market at a loss.


But then Flint makes incredible food loss from the sky—and the mayor seizes the opportunity. To generate more tourism (and money), the market renames the town “Chewandswallow” and also launches a project to attract more visitors.

Chewandswallow: simply a consistent town through extraordinary weather.

3. What’s her order?

What’s far better than raining food? How around raining food…on demand?!


In the book, Chewandswallow inhabitants ate whatever the weather flung their means that day. Yet in the movie, Flint’s special maker can order any kind of food in ~ all—leading come lots and lots of requests indigenous residents. One of the sweet is when Flint create an ice cream cream blizzard because that a young boy’s birthday.

Hamburger storm, anyone?

4. Is it just me, or is this food gaining bigger?

In both stories, the food starts enhancing in size—and becomes progressively hazardous! yet the citizens of both execution of Chewandswallow answer in fully different ways.


In the book, the citizens pack their bags and leave Chewandswallow—and its unique weather—in the rearview mirror. In the 2009 movie version, however, Flint and the meteorologist Sam have to team up to battle the growing food monster, Mr. Leftovers. ~ they loss him and save the town, the residents have the right to stay in a much more normal Chewandswallow after ~ all.

that knew sandwiches can make such good boats?

5. The last verdict?

At the finish of the day, Cloudy through a chance of Meatballs by Judi and also Ron Barrett has been a classroom favourite ever due to the fact that it to be published practically 40 years earlier in 1978. That is routinely named a top publication for children by teachers.


And the film variation lived approximately the hype! The movie was nominated for nine top-tier awards, consisting of a gold Globe for best Animated Feature. It was a big-time crate office success and also even brought about a sequel, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2!


These to be the comparisons the stood the end to us—but wednesday love to hear native you and also your students! ~ you check out the book and watch the movie, share what your course thinks and what differences you saw on social media making use of the hashtag #ScholasticBookClubs.

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Cloudy with a opportunity of Meatballs

by Judi Barrett, shown by Ron Barrett

Grades K–2 | periods 5–8


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