I’ve play the trumpet because I was 5 and also my best childhood friend played the French horn. We would regularly play together and I feel choose I can provide a great account because that the 2 instruments.

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Especially as soon as it comes to how tough the two instruments are for a beginner.

Are Trumpets or French Horns Harder come Learn?

The trumpet is easier to find out than the French horn. The French horn has actually a smaller mouthpiece i beg your pardon requires more lip control and muscles that the player in order to hit the correct note and produce a clear tone that doesn’t crack.

That’s the technical reason why the French horn is more difficult to learn, yet there room several other things we must look into in order to decipher which of the two instruments you have to take on as a beginner.

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7 Factors influence the difficulty of French Horns vs Trumpets
french horn throughout a timeless concert music, close-up.

7 Factors impact the difficulty of French Horns vs Trumpets

There’s no doubt the the French horn require more practice 보다 the trumpet. Let’s rest it down and also see specifically why the is.

1) The French horn Is a lot Heavier than Trumpets

A Trumpet typically weighs roughly 2 pounds (1 kilogram) if the French horns frequently weigh 6-8 pounds (around 3 kilograms).

That’s a vast difference!

This also makes that a lot of harder for the player to play the French horn while standing up, and it’s additionally an concern if you have to carry the horn come class. Specifically if you’re a tiny kid or if you are a small person with reasonably weak eight muscles.

That’s likewise one that the main reasons the French horns are so high value (which will get to in a second). There’s just a lot much more brass in the instrument.

2) Trumpeters regularly Play Harder components Than French horn players

The trumpet is a classic solo instrument, conversely, the French horn often plays a much more anonymous role in orchestras.

The trumpeters room often human being who prefer to stand in the front and also impress everyone v their music abilities, and also that worth stating here.

If you prefer to sit in the back and blend in with the remainder of the orchestra, the French horn could be a much better fit for your personality type.

On the other hand, girlfriend shouldn’t select the French horn if you nothing feel favor playing solos! The very same goes for comparing the trumpet to baritones and also other enlarge horns.

3) The French Horn Mouthpiece Is Harder to Master

The mouthpiece because that the French horn is very small. That a lot smaller sized than what we generally use for horns, but only a little bit smaller than the trumpet mouthpiece.

As you can see below, the mouthpiece for the French horn is actually smaller sized that the trumpet mouthpiece also though the complete length that the tube is much longer.


This method that you have a smaller sized area of the lips to control that tone.

The lips muscles type the buzzing sound and motion the creates the sound and with a smaller mouthpiece comes less control.

That’s one more reason French horns room more difficult to really grasp than the trumpets.

4) French horns Requires an ext Embouchure than Trumpets

This ties in perfectly v the size of the mouthpiece, i beg your pardon we simply looked at.

Because the mouthpiece the the French horn is a bit smaller, the player will need a much better embouchure.

It can not seem prefer a big difference, yet the slightly smaller sized cup (outer ring that the mouthpiece) ~ above the French horn renders a big difference.

The wait pressure need to be almost exactly the same as top top the trumpet, yet you have actually a smaller sized area on the lips to create that pressure.

Also, the dimension of the boring (the diameter of the hole within the mouthpiece) theatre a role, yet if girlfriend go v a mouthpiece v a contempt bigger bore, you will gain much more control the the tone, yet you will have actually a harder time playing the high notes.

5) The Trumpet Is Louder than the French Horn

The French horn is famous for the smooth and almost silk-like sound. It’s really beautiful and you generally find the French horns are provided for the more mellow and also laid-back solos in orchestral settings.

The trumpet is known as a marching instrument that have the right to play yes, really loud, and that can certainly be one advantage, but many times it additionally makes it hard to practice the instrument at home.

People conveniently get annoyed once you practice the trumpet, while the French horn has actually a an ext soft tone the doesn’t annoy human being as much.

This is especially true once you room still make the efforts to discover the instrument. I think it’s for sure to say that practically everybody hates the sound of someone trying to learn the trumpet (yes, also parents!).

6) French Horns space MUCH more Expensive

While this doesn’t have actually anything to do with how hard or easy the instrument is to master, it’s definitely worth pointing out the price difference here for anyone who is trying come decide in between the French horn and the trumpet.

You can acquire a fine student trumpet from $300-$800 however the French horn typically starts at around $2,000.

A an excellent professional trumpet favor the Bach Stradivarius will cost you approximately $3,000 if a great professional French horn will cost you closer come $6,000!

This additionally becomes obvious when you look in ~ the load of the two instruments.

As we found above, the French horn can conveniently be 10X heavier 보다 the trumpet, because there’s so much brass tube in the instrument.

This renders a huge difference if you room a parent looking to choose the ideal instrument for her kid.

Not just is the instrument immensely expensive yet you likewise need to to trust the child with the instrument (I cannot counting how numerous times i forgot my trumpet in the weirdest areas as a kid!)

7) The Trumpet has a larger Range

The trumpet and the French horn have different ranges when it involves the number of tones they have the right to play. Trumpet can go a little higher, and also the French horn deserve to go deeper.

Here you have the right to see the actual variety of trumpets and French horns:


This doesn’t typical that the French horn is less complicated to master. Instead it boundaries the use of the tool a small bit.

This can come together a surprise, together the French horn sounds like it go play higher notes.

This is due to the fact that the lengthy tubing in the construction of the French horn renders it sound much more like a horn 보다 a trumpet, and also the high Bb is a high keep in mind to hit on any type of horn.

How lengthy Does It take it to find out Each Instrument?

Most beginners have the right to learn come play an easy melodies on the trumpet with a secure clear ton within 4-8 months.

However, friend will have to at least double that time framework with the French horn.

Even though i have played trumpet, cornets, and also baritones because that the far better part of two decades, ns still uncover it very complicated to play beautifully on the French horn. That with an excellent reason the brass players regularly say the the French horn is the most an overwhelming instrument of every the brass household of instruments.

It deserve to be a large advantage to start out on one more horn (or a trumpet!) before you take it on the French horn!

Check the end the section below about the alto horn, it’s much simpler to start there before moving come the French horn.

Which Is an ext Popular, the Trumpet or the French horn?

We certainly find an ext trumpet players 보다 French horn players in every component of the world. The main reasons space the exact same as what we looked at above:

The trumpet is two times cheaper come purchaseThe French horn is twice as heavyThe trumpet is much less complicated to find out to play

However, yes sir a good reason why the French horn is so famous in spite of all these things!

The French horn has a entirely unique silk-like sound the you need to hear before you comprise your mind. In case you have actually the chance, check it out and see for yourself!

Which Brass tool Is the simplest to Play?

The alto horns space the easiest brass tools to learn. They room rather small and still have actually a large horn-like mouthpiece, which way that it’s simpler to regulate the tone. Alto horns carry out not require as much lip muscles and also training indigenous the player as other brass instruments.

If she looking to start out with straightforward brass instrument prior to moving to the French horn, you have to definitely try to get your hands on one alto horn.

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You will pick increase the alto horns much quicker than the French horn and also even the trumpet, and also once you can create a great long tone the doesn’t cracked it will be much easier to move to one more brass instrument.

My brother played the alto horn for numerous years and also he literally never practiced at home, and also still, he had the ability to play well in the orchestra.

That would be practically impossible because that trumpeters and also French horn players!