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The Tails Doll is among six unlockable characters in 1997"s Sonic R first released for the Sega Saturn console, and later re-released on PC and also as part of Sonic Gems repertoire for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005. Frequently while play as the Tails Doll, the song "Can You feel the Sunshine?" plays over and also over continuously, nevertheless of what gyeongju track one is play on. In enhancement to the creepy soundtrack, the doll limply levitates through the tracks. This led the character to become an metropolitan legend online, spawning creepypastas and horror-themed videos about it.


In Sonic R, the Tails Doll is unlockable by collecting five Sonic tokens in the Radical City course, finishing third, and also beating the character in a race.<1>


The character went on come inspire numerous creepypastas. The many famous, "The Tails Doll Curse," was developed by Rebekah G. And also features the doll abducting a kid (shown below).<2>

"A man came house from work with a gift for his son. He had actually picked up a brand-new video video game for him, Sonic R. It to be a gyeongju game and when he gave his son the gift, he to be so excited to gain it and play it ideal away. The night he played the video game with his son and they had a great time. A couple of days later on the young was almost finished through the game. His dad was there in his room when he to win the last boss and he roared in excitement once he finially walk it. That smiled and also asked him how he liked the video game as he watched the credits screen. “W-what’s that?” the asked the boy when The Tails Doll appeared on the screen. The boy stated it was the Tails Doll, that was all he knew.

He said his child it was time for bed. Throughout the night, the curious father got in the boy’s room and turned ~ above the TV very quietly come play the game for a while himself. The noticed that he now had the choice to play together “Tails Doll.” He decided him come tag up with some of the gang.

The video game was fun till he tagged him up v Sonic. The display went black as soon as the video game system shut chin down. The man chose it was time because that him to go to sleep because he had actually to work-related in the morning so he crept the end of his boy room and also went to lay in bed through his wife.

At about 2:00am he woke up when he heard thumps ~ above his door. That assumed it to be his son obtaining up come ask that to obtain him something. The told the boy to “Stop go earlier to bed.” The thumping kept happening and at one suggest he noticed a little shadow comes from under the door.

“Tails” maintained popping into his head. He obtained out of bed and slowly opened up the door. Climate he heard someone say this very softly, “You space coming through me… forever.” It to be a doll. One evil, blood-covered, possessed small doll. It to be the doll native the game, it had actually to be."

The popular of the creepypasta inspired plenty of YouTube videos centered about the doll"s creepiness. On September 28th, 2013, YouTuber TehCanadianSpartan posted a compilation of shorts centered around the Tails Doll, acquiring over 248,000 views (shown below, left). In 2012, YouTuber lord Kiyo posted a trailer because that a fake movie centered about Tails Doll, gaining over 1.6 million see (shown below, right).

The doll has actually been the topic of number of 3 AM challenge videos as well. Top top February 13th, 2019, YouTuber imJaystation uploaded a 3 AM challenge video about the character, gaining over 4.2 million see (shown below, left). On might 12th, YouTuber AldosWorld TV do a comparable video, getting over 1.4 million see (shown below, right).

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On October 23rd, 2020, YouTuber SplashDash uploaded a background of the character and its impact on the internet (shown below, left).