IKEA is considering opening a keep close to Memorial Roadway or Chisolm Creek in norther Oklahoma City, according to OKCTalk.

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An Oklahoma City media outlet reports that IKEA is considering opening a keep in northern Oklahoma City, though a representative of the Swedish-based chain has actually refuted this insurance claim.

OKCTalk reported that tright here have been talks of an IKEA close to Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. Christine Soner, IKEA product placement specialist, has indeveloped The Daily in an email that though IKEA is constantly trying to find new opportunities to expand also, they have actually not announced plans for a store in Oklahoma City and also that it is "https://centregalilee.com/is-there-an-ikea-in-oklahoma/imager_2_8861_700.jpgpudepend speculation."https://centregalilee.com/is-there-an-ikea-in-oklahoma/imager_2_8861_700.jpg

Currently, the nearest IKEA keep to Oklahoma City is in Frisco, Texas. The Swedish firm is recognized for its modernist deindicators that result in a lower cost.

The save chain sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen and house appliances, among various other items. The stores also incorporate a restaurant via neighborhood cuisine and beverages as well as typical Swedish food.

This story was updated with information from Soner at 5:19 p.m. on Oct. 4.



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