Jack Daniel’s flavored chocolate pecan pie anyone? This Bourbon coco Pecan Pie is flavored with a good whiskey which, makes for a really flavorful pie. This very delicious pie only takes 15 minute to prep making use of a keep bought pie crust! it is the perfect do ahead dessert because that Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the fact that it tastes even much better the 2nd day. Also, it freezes well. It’s as simple as pie!

Thanksgiving Dessert

Your Thanksgiving turkey needs a STAR dessert to follow and this is it! that so delicious and also this recipe deserve to be amendment to be a wonderful cacao pecan pie merely by omitting the booze.

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That’ll do it boy friendly or you can just do my DELICIOUSPecan Pie Bars through Shortbread tardy or Brown sugar Sweet Potato Pie or Pumpkin Pie! Wink, wink!

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BOURBON cacao Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Variations

Also, variations I’ve viewed of this pie incorporate white or brown sugar, street syrup (light or dark corn syrup or a combination of both), molasses, maple syrup, or honey.

I adjusted my recipe from A household Feast chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe. My recipe is modification by using half of the butter, one much less egg, omitted the salt and also put in a little much more chocolate and also bourbon.I additionally bake mine at a greater temperature because that a shorter time. The connect to your recipe is at the bottom the this post if you’d like to watch their recipe.

This very delicious Bourbon coco Pecan Pie just takes 15 minute to prep utilizing a store-bought pie crust! it is the perfect make ahead dessert because that Thanksgiving and also Christmas and freezes well.

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Why buy reduced quality, high-quality pies in ~ the grocery store once you can make a fresh, good tasting pie yourself conveniently for less money? Your relatives will thank you because that making and also bringing this very delicious pie to Thanksgiving!

ThisLess stress and anxiety Thanksgiving Plannerwill assist you to organize Thanksgiving dinner if you are hosting or even just assisting the host/hostess. Print it and also hang it on your refrigerator for reference! It has actually turkey cooking tips, week-by-week and day-by-day planning tasks to make hosting easier.

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Happy Thanksgiving indigenous our family members to yours due to the fact that there’s No Plate like Home!