Do you own a Nintendo 64 and also wondered if you could play gamings from other countries on it? maybe you room looking to get one, but you favor the gamings from an additional country. Fine if you space looking to discover out if the N64 is region locked then you are in the best place! We have actually the answer for all of these questions and more.

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So space the Nintendo 64s region locked?

Although many human being have tried to uncover a way to make every video game work on the Nintendo 64, they simply don’t work due to the fact that of the an ar lock ~ above them. There space some mods the you can use to shot and bypass the an ar lock but those deserve to be risky if friend don’t recognize what you space doing.

If you desire to know much more about the Nintendo 64 and also the an ar lock, girlfriend will absolutely want to save reading. If you want to find some N64 equipment such together controllers, cords, cleaners, etc. You can uncover them here.

If you choose to watch a video instead of analysis you can check out the one below.

Why to be the Nintendo 64 region-locked?

The Nintendo 64 comes with a region lock chip which restricts US and also Japanese (NTSC) gamings from play on a european (PAL) machine. Over there is a difference between PAL and also NTSC regions because their structure rate is really different and also this will mess up the screen if play on the not correct console.

How walk Nintendo use such lockout methods?

Nintendo was the very first console device who introduced regional locks to your consoles. Gamings for the NES to be locked making use of technical and physical means. Below we will talk about the different methods they provided to do this happen.

1. Cartridges

The cartridge design used by Nintendo was various for every different part of the world. Lock used different kinds the pins to help accomplish this precaution. The Famicom or the Japanese version used smaller cartridges so that the Japanese gamings weren’t able come fit right into the NES consoles without an adapter. What was also worse was that even with the adapters, the users weren’t may be to reap the complete sound capacities because the hardware to be different.

2. NES Authentication

The NES also had a NES authentication chip i m sorry was initially coded for one of the 3 regions. These to be NTSC (North America), PAL-A (Australia, joined Kingdom, and Italy) and also PAL-B (rest the the europe countries). This chip known the an ar of the game. For this reason if the chip inside the game cartridge wasn’t maybe to recognize the chip within the gaming console then there would be no means for the game to start. By doing this, Nintendo was able to limit human being buying the gamings where they to be cheap and reselling them to a different component of the world.

3. Various cartridge cases

The super Nintendo Entertainment device (SNES) and the supervisor Famicom ended up using various kinds the cartridge cases. By adjusting the dimension of the cartridge, the super NES wouldn’t have the ability to fit inside a at sight Famicom or PAL SNES because theyboth differed in shape.

There are also a pair of pieces of plastic within the SNES slot which avoids the Famicom cartridges indigenous being placed inside the SNES fully. The Nintendo 64 also uses the very same kind that lockout as the at sight NES.

Is it possible to settle the Nintendo 64 lockout issue?

To solve the region lock on the N64 there are really just two ways to execute it.

1. Take apart your whole console

This an approach is much an ext difficult, requires additional tools and also you are much an ext at hazard of damaging your N64 however if you have a most Japanese games that you desire to beat then utilizing this an approach is best.

All you need to do is disassemble the N64 then making use of a witnessed or pair of cable cutters snip off the corners of the cartridge slot that is resulting in the cartridges from the other an ar not to work.

You then just put the console ago together again and also your console can play games from the USA and also Japan.

You can examine out this video clip below on precisely how to carry out this an initial method.

2. Obtain a screwdriver

Although this may seem simple, we went ahead and found the finest screwdriver due to the fact that it isn’t just a normal one that you need.

This other way is a small less daunting but that will call for you to go v this procedure with every game so if you have a lot of of gamings then the an initial method will work much better for you.

Although this way doesn’t harm your console in any way, friend still need to take the threat of damaging it into account once working on it.

Basically everyone knows the the Nintendo 64 supplies cartridges because that games. Most of the gamings on the Nintendo 64 have actually a an extremely localized relax originally outside of their own country. There to be also an excellent imports that were coming right into the United says that everyone wanted to play.

Because there is together a small number of non-localized Nintendo 64 games, most people prefer to shot this technique rather than spending money ~ above a converter.You can additionally decide come bypass the region restrictions of the Nintendo 64 if you room interested in speedrunning. This means that the Japanese variation runs quicker than the western versions and the western version has some glitches.

Here room the things that friend will have to take the region lock turn off of her Nintendo 64.

A throwaway video game that belongs to the same an ar as the one your console is from. Friend can get it for like a dollar or so.Get a 3.8mm defense screwdriver because that Nintendo cartridges.

Know the the back of the cartridge determines the an ar of the game. Girlfriend will discover that over there are small indents the are present on the next that enable the video game to rather comfortably on slide into another matching Nintendo 64 but this can’t be offered on one i m sorry is from an additional region. So here’s what friend will need to do to it:

Remove the screws which are present on the cartridge i m sorry holds the ago and prior together. This is a really easy kind of setup. All you need to do is unscrew the screws there and then put them in a safe location so that those won’t obtain lost. Currently remove the back section to swap that out. Because that this, friend will have to push down on the top of the cartridge. The earlier of the cartridge come with tiny locks which help in fastening it to the side. Girlfriend won’t must use much pressure for it, but if girlfriend can’t obtain the ago to loosen and also then come turn off then shot to individually open up one part of the cartridge at a time.Now just put the back of the throwaway cartridge on the income one ideal in place and then screw that in properly. Don’t litter away the old backing and also screws together you might need these sooner or later if you ever go to resell the item.


Now you recognize that Nintendo was the agency that an initial released an ar lock ~ above its games and consoles alike. Although this made part gamers upset, the made others incredibly happy together they didn’t have to worry about what quality of item was going to be used.

Even though Nintendo doesn’t desire anyone to bypass their an ar locks ~ above the consoles or games, this is something the can easily be excellent on the N64. If you complied with the measures above, or watched the video, on just how to unlock her Nintendo 64 console, then you must now have a modded mechanism that you deserve to play on.

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Although not all games will work, every game from the U.S and also Japan will work, and also those are the ones many everyone wants to pat anyways due to the fact that that is whereby the console was originally released.