Okay, so ns a complete Kingdom mind fanboy/dork and I really desire to play Kingdom understanding II final Mix (shut up), as well as check out several of these Japan-only 2-D fighting games. I know where to acquire the gamings easy enough, most likely play-asia.com. That finding a way to play claimed Japanese games that’s confusing me ideal now.

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Google searches allude towards one of two people modding a console or buying an adapter, yet instead the trusting the native of a random gaming centregalilee.com, I’d rather, um, to trust the native of a non-random gaming centregalilee.com.

Has anyone here imported PS2 games, and also if so, what have you offered to pat them? what’s reputable? ns don’t care about breaking a PS2 warranty, however I -do- care about breaking my PS3’s warranty, so I’d quite not perform anything to mine PS3.

You have the right to probably choose up a second, modded PS2 for the very same money someone would certainly charge you to mod yours. Less hassle.

If you have an old model PS2, you have the right to put a network adapter and also hard journey in it and also buy a copy the HDLoader. It will let friend copy and run games from the tough drive and also bypasses an ar protection as well.


You have the right to probably choose up a second, modded PS2 for the exact same money someone would charge you to mode yours. Less hassle.

Where would I choose up a modded PS2? i haven’t looked before.

Don’t the Swap Magic and also their ilk still call for a mod on the case, to allow the discs to be removed without rebooting the machine?


Don’t the Swap Magic and their ilk still need a mode on the case, to permit the discs come be removed without rebooting the machine?

Well, it’s not lot of a “mod”. You just remove the lid native the decaying drive and also then you can use a plastic hook (provided through the SwapMagic disks) to open and close the journey without pushing the eject button. It’s a little of a hassle, admittedly.

Where would I pick up a modded PS2? i haven’t looked before.

In Germany, people will put them top top ebay as “special PS2”. They pop up in the weekend newspaper, too.

You deserve to purchase a JPN PS2 because that a nice reasonable price now. It is a great way come go. Castle small, so simple to have roughly for income games.

I provided Swap Magic before and also it’s a ache in the ass to gain working sometimes. The takes part fussing v the case to do it work. So ns partial come just gaining a JPN PS2.

You can purchase a JPN PS2 for a quite reasonable price now. That’s a great way to go. Lock small, so straightforward to have about for income games.

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Yup, it is what i did. Works great, and you’ll never have any kind of of the hassle with games not functioning correctly.