I have actually a JC Higgins version 20 12GA shotgun. I"m in search of a replacement stock and pump if possible. I really don"t recognize where come begin. Thanks!
The JC Higgins was actually the High Standard model 200.You deserve to buy High Standard parts from Gun parts Corp:www.e-gunparts.com/productschem.asp?chrMasterModel=0750z200Find an owner"s hand-operated here:www.stevespages.com/page7b.htmAn exploded see here:www.stevespages.com/histandard.html
ns too have actually a JC Higgens design 20 12 gaugeI had actually an extra Mossberg 500 lumber stock laying around, a tiny fitting to it and it is currently on the JC Higgens
I gained a brand-new semi-finish share from gun-parts.com. When I obtain it I"ll need to strip my forarm and also finish them together.

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ns took a dremel to a mossberg 500 stock to fit that to my friends higgins version 20. You just have to expand the groove in the buttstock so the the the trigger group will certainly fit.
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