France is synonymous with all points romantic. From the city that love that Paris to the romantic French songs and love quotes – the French people embraced the principle of fallout’s in love prefer no other. That is also not surprising that French is considered to be the language the love.

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10+ methods To Say i Love girlfriend In French


Aside from the means to say ns Love friend in French without saying the famous expression, you might also include something to Je t’aime. Once you feel so strongly around someone, there seem to it is in so many ways to say it, to do it sweeter. The French don’t avoid at Je t’aime, a couple of extra words just have to be added to better articulate your feelings.

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Right here are few of them: 

Je t’aime tellement – I love you so muchJe t’aimerai toujours – I’ll love friend foreverJe t’aime de tout mon coeur – I love you with all mine heart

Tomber – Falling

For the French, romantic love goes through phases and this starts with tomber, or falling (in love). They think about tomber as the metaphor for what happens when someone gradually discovers his or her love for one more person. 

Tomber is the simple verb in the expression that defines falling in love, with a slight difference relying on the gender of the speaker. 

Je suis tombé amoureux de toi – I’ve fallen in love with you (from a man)Je suis tombée amoureuse de toi – I’ve please in love through you (from a woman)

Additionally, here’s what the French say once they an elaborate someone: 

J’ai le béguin – I have actually a crush

While this one is once you desire to acquire to understand a human more: 

J’aimerais passer add to de temps avec toi – I would certainly love come spend an ext time v you

Want come learn much more French phrases? inspect out our language travel guide below: