Coolant Temperature Sensor monitors the temperature that the water in the engine. The PCM supplies this temperature reading to readjust the fuel injection and timing. In some cases the PCM offers the analysis from the sensor to revolve on the electrical cooling fan if for this reason equipped.

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Coolant Temperature Sensor  test for the Jeep Wrangler YJ

Where is the CTS sensor located?

On Jeeps there space two coolant sensors. There is one at the prior of the engine in the thermostat housing, this one has two wires. Climate there is another at the ago drivers topside that the engine cylinder head just to the ideal of the valve cover, this one has one wire. The one cable sensor in the back sends temp readings to the gauge in the Jeeps dash. If girlfriend temp gauge isn"t exhilaration right, replace the one wire. The 2 wire sensor located in the thermostat real estate sends that is signal to the PCM. For bad performance issues and also testing we space going to look in ~ the two wire increase front.

Will it trigger the examine engine light if the sensor is faulty?

It can reason the DTC light to come on. Particularly if the sensor is under a direct short or fully open circuit condition. If its just reading the end of variety it might not rotate on the examine engine light, but the PCM could actually be storing the code. If over there is a password it will be password 22 every the light flashes. Click here to see just how to get the DTC code from the Jeeps computer.

Why does that fail?

Wear and also tear from age. Old coolant the has become corrosive. Leaking about where that screws in or wherein the electric connections. Cracks in the plastic wherein the exploit connects on come it. It"s really no a sensor that fails often. More cases than not you may discover it being a wiring issue than the sensor its self. However test the rascal anyway!

How execute you test it to view if that is bad?

All you require is a multimeter to measure up resistance of the contact at various temperature levels. Also a way to differ the temperature of the sensor. Something choose a pan that water ~ above the stove top over low heat. Usage a thermometer to measure up the water temp as it climbs. Not the water temp together you measure the resistance and also compare it come the chart below.


See YouTube video clip at the bottom the the page.

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Below is the Temp come resistance chart for the Jeep YJ & XJ. It might work for other fuel injected Jeeps as well.