Is over there a government scandal finish with conspiracy and betrayal the is putting American resides at risk? This ad for the health and wellness Sciences Institute seems to show that the firm has some embarrassing information on our current president and Democratic hopefuls.

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Sounds scary enough to obtain our attention. So we watched the video:

Turns the end the video clip has part life-saving information around how the government is lying to you. The video is filled through scare tactics about miracle cures because that a variety of diseases that big Pharma, Obama and also the FDA don’t want you to know about.

The video clip is report by Jenny Thompson, that is the director of the wellness Sciences Institute, which describes itself as “an independent organization, devoted to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in contemporary underground medicine.”

In the video, Thompson defines that there are number of “real cures and treatments — bona fide miracles — for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more.” but “King Obama and his FDA thugs space all about making money,” so friend can’t have them.

Thompson then introduces “H-86,” which she explains as a cancer cure that:

Kills cancer cell quicklyCan Vaporize cancer in six weeksHas the toxicity of a slice of white bread, so there room NO next EFFECTSIs a an effective cure…totally various from chemotherapyChokes the life out of cancer

But what is “H-86”? The health Sciences video says that “H-86” was the occupational of Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Nobel prize winner. His job-related is referenced ~ above a net page for Avemar, a complement that insurance claims to treat cancer. Avemar is a wheat germ extract marketed in various other countries and also remarketed in the U.S. Together AWGE. Avemar is additionally described on the wellness Sciences institute page:

Avemar helps the immune system recognize cancer cells, cuts off the power supply to cancer cells, speeds cancer cabinet death, and reduces the hazard of cancer recurrence.

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But what is this advertisement trying to fear you into? A year-long membership through the wellness Sciences Institute where they will provide you access to this “life-saving information” for $74. But prior to you salary up, keep in mind this disclaimer: “The information detailed on this site should not be construed as an individual medical advice or instruction.”

Remember, readers, marketing additional as having actually the capacity to treat, cure, reduce the symptom of, or prevent occurring diseases and also disorders is simply not allowed by law. If a supplement really could do every that, then it would be a drug topic to rigorous study and testing to acquire FDA approval.