Make A Two shade Quilt Or Colorful and also Scrappy

The perfect pattern for showcasing those beautiful colors, this Jewel box quilt is timeless. Beautiful blue’s room so pleasing to the eye, and with white, it’s a classic color combo. An complex quilt the is how amazing easy, and is particularly stunning in jewel ton batiks.

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Blues and also white is a spectacular combination, yet you can likewise make a pastel variation of it. Use up to twenty-five various fabrics for scrappy pieced squares and also a striped border, or pick to do it without.


A combination of various blues in this quilt through Ruth the ‘Ye Olde Sweatshop‘ produce an effect that looks prefer sapphires in the snow. Ruth describes how to construct the block here. The effect is based on color and placement. When creating the top, as you revolve these units and match up the triangles and also the four patches, the jewel box pattern emerges!


‘Jewel Box’ is draft to feature jewel-toned fabrics, but the versatile style can be supplied for most fabric combinations. Over there is a totally free pattern easily accessible to make a Jewel box quilt v a scrappy border.

Click To acquire The free “Sparkle – Jewel Box through Scrappy Border”Pattern

Eleanor Burns has a beautiful variation of the Jewel box quilt easily accessible for purchase, that provides twenty-five various fabrics v each shade is supplied equally, so over there is very little waste. Eleanor’s ‘Jewel Box’ quilt style includes a piano border.

Click here To acquisition Eleanor Burns “Jewel box – v Piano Border” Quilt Pattern

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