Every Movie John and also Joan Cusack have Starred In Together, Ranked follow To IMDb John and Joan Cusack space Hollywood siblings that have also often acted together in the very same movies. Here are a couple of of their best-known movies together.

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john joan cusack movies with each other grosse pointe blank
John and Joan Cusack, brother and also sister, have starred in numerous movies together due to the fact that they both began their movie exhilaration careers in the 1980s, both in little roles and also eventually top roles, as soon as they came to be successful and also recognizable actors.

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The two have appeared in a surprising variety of movies together in a wide variety of roles, native hitmen and also assistants to brother and also sister in every little thing from comedies and also dramas to action-adventure movies.

Grandview, U.S.A is a comedic movie the stars Jamie Lee Curtis, C. Thomas Howell, and Patrick Swayze as small-town characters.

Howell"s character is prepared to go to university in Florida to research oceanography, however everything appears to gain in his method when he meets a mechanic (Curtis) and a demolition derby driver (Swayze). John and Joan Cusack have actually a small supporting function as brother and sister in this movie.

9 War, Inc. (2008) - 5.6

war inc john joan cusack
man Cusack portrays a hitman in this movie who begins to consider quitting the video game when the meets a journalist (Marisa Tomei) and a popular music star (Hillary Duff) on a job in the fictional Turaqistan. That tries come balance law the job he was hired for and protecting the 2 women he come to treatment about.

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Joan Cusack plays his assistant in the mission,j that tries to keep him on track also though she can see he"s distracted.

class 1983 john cusack
plunder Lowe and also Andrew McCarthy star in this 1980s rom-com as two fully different prep college student roommates. Lowe"s character, Skip, is much more experienced and also McCarthy"s character, Jonathan, is much more naive. The 2 bond and Skip insists the Jonathan put himself out there and also begin meeting women, specifically older women, at bars.

Jonathan takes his advice, however he coincidentally pursues Skip"s mother and causes a rift between the two. Man Cusack has actually a small duty as one friend in the group and Joan Cusack has an also smaller side role.

7 Martian Child (2007) - 6.8

john joan cusack martian child
john Cusack stars in Martian Child as a sci-fi novelist who tries because that years to adopt a child with his wife. The connects through a young boy that truly to trust he"s indigenous Mars and he decides come go v with the adoption, even though he is now a widower.

The two adapt to their new life in addition to unforeseen worries while he likewise tries to complete a brand-new book prior to the deadline. Joan Cusack portrays his supportive sister that tries her best to help her brother and his brand-new son in the situation.

Both John and Joan Cusack show up in this movie v a large recognizable cast, consisting of Hank Azaria, Jack Black, and Bill Murray.

Cradle will certainly Rock follows several different characters affiliated in the theater civilization at the elevation of the an excellent Depression. The movie adheres to each character and their struggle for stardom, whether it it is in singing, playwriting, or acting, all within a 1920s backdrop.

5 sixteen Candles (1984) - 7.1

Both John and Joan Cusack showed up in the iconic 1980s John Hughes movie Sixteen Candles in little supporting roles. Specific aspects the the movie and characters haven"t age well, however it"s quiet a beloved movie, even with its criticisms.

The movie complies with teenager Samantha (Molly Ringwald) as she tries to navigate high college life v her sights set on one older well-known guy, Jake Ryan. Man Cusack has a small function as the nerdy friend to Anthony Michael Hall and Joan Cusack has an also smaller role, in one step at the institution dance.

Broadcast News is an 80s dramatic rom-com that adheres to various employees working at the titular newsroom. The movie stars Holly Hunter as a news producer who is at risk to emotional breakdowns and also Albert Brooks as a successful reporter who has actually a younger and successful rival.

Joan Cusack has a supporting duty as an employee at the newsroom and John Cusack has a tiny cameo as an upset messenger.

3 speak Anything (1989) - 7.3

john Cusack starred in Say Anything and Joan Cusack had a small role in the Say Anything cast as his character"s sister. The 80s rom-com follows the romantic Lloyd (John Cusack) together he pines because that a classmate the his before they graduate and also she travels out of the country for college.

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The pair are incredibly different, but love each other and try to conquer their differences with love and romance. Back Joan Cusack only has actually a tiny role, the two play siblings and also she offers some vital advice.

John and Joan Cusack starred together as a hitman and also his assistant who scheduled every one of his kills in Grosse suggest Blank. Joan Cusack"s assistant sends out John Cusack"s hitman on a mission ago to his hometown during his high school reunion, hoping the he would attend and relax a bit.

He reconnects v old friends, consisting of Minnie Driver, who plays his ex-girlfriend, yet he needs to constantly go ago and forth in between his regular life and also finishing the task with one more hitman (Dan Aykroyd) ~ above his trail.

1 High Fidelity (2000) - 7.5

man Cusack stars together Rob in High Fidelity as a lovesick, music-obsessed guy who is going through a recent break-up and reassessing his entire love life.

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Rob talks to the audience and makes a playlist of his top five breakups and also decides to revisit lock to number out what went wrong with each one. Joan Cusack portrays a shared friend the Rob and also his recent ex that tries to stay neutral ~ the break-up.

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