Question: ns am a big fan of \"The Office\" and especially of Steve Carell. I experienced his real-life mam at the golden Globes this year, and also she looks choose the woman that played his ex-girlfriend, the real-estate agent who dressed up as the cheerleader.

Answer: It\"s the exact same dame, Nancy walls by name. She played Carol top top \"The Office\" and also was also the health and wellness clinic counselor in Carell\"s film \"The 40-Year-Old Virgin.\" They\"ve been married because 1995 and have two children. Awww!

Question:We recorded on to \"That \"70s Show\" a small late. Us love the show but have no idea every little thing happened to Donna\"s tiny sister. She wasn\"t in really many episodes. So where did the young Pinciotti go?

Answer: This might surprise you, but Hollywood producer are type of cynical. Castle think the if they drop a character from a TV series, many viewers won\"t notice or care and are therefore owed no explanation! This callous overlook for viewers\" sensibilities and contempt for their intelligence has resulted in the unexplained loss of lining Cunningham indigenous \"Happy Days,\" the oldest Cunningham son, that was dropped once Fonzie came to be the earliest son in all yet name; and also Judy Winslow from \"Family Matters,\" dropped when the series switched come an all-Urkel format. Also, no many people realize that \"Eight Is Enough\" initially was title \"Twenty-Seven Is Enough\" till the producers determined that an ext than a dozen kids never would be seen again. Every right, the last one didn\"t happen, yet the various other two did. The allude is, small Tina Pinciotti, play by Amanda Fuller, showed up only when on \"That \"70s Show\" (episode six, \"Eric\"s citizens Job\") and then went far without explanation.

Question:My friends and also I enjoy watching cowboy TV mirrors from the 1950s. I told them around an episode of \"Have Gun, will certainly Travel\" in i m sorry Paladin ran right into a nasty bunch the buffalo hunters, one of whom was called Festus Haggin, play by Ken Curtis. In this episode, Festus had actually to turn against his kin to conserve Paladin\"s life. Together I mental it, this episode aired before the Festus character confirmed up top top \"Gunsmoke.\" as a kid, I assumed the Festus personality must have actually been so fine played ~ above \"Have Gun, will Travel\" the the \"Gunsmoke\" producers choose it up. My fellow cowboys don\"t remember see it and also think i am mistaken. They insurance claim Festus to be exclusive come \"Gunsmoke.\" Did ns dream it, or to be Festus Haggin ever seen top top \"Have Gun, will Travel\"?

Answer: Curtis actually showed up in five episodes of \"Have Gun, will Travel,\" and usually as grizzled Festus-type characters, however never as Festus. Top top the illustration you mention, 1959\"s \"The Posse,\" Curtis play a character called Curley.

Question: please tell me the surname of the music in the commercial for the Motorola Q Verizon phone!

Answer: The song is \"Sexy results (MSTRKRFT Edition)\" by fatality From Above, indigenous the CD \"Romance Bloody Romance.\"

Question:Some time earlier I witnessed a movie top top television around the death of the town bully in Skidmore, Mo. What was the name of the movie and also the actor that played the bully? Is the movie top top DVD or video?

Answer: The movie is \"In wide Daylight,\" a made-for-TV film from 1991. Brian Dennehy played the bully, and also the townspeople had Cloris Leachman, chris Cooper and Ken Jenkins. The movie isn\"t official on video clip or DVD, yet there space bootlegs the end there.

Question:There was a movie on TV a pair of years ago. It was a true story around a little boy who was set on fire by his father in a motel room. I think the mother was played by Bernadette Peters. Please, can you phone call me the title of this film and if that is out on DVD or video?

Answer: That\"s the 1988 TV movie \"David,\" which also stars man Glover and Matthew Lawrence. It\"s no on DVD or video.

Question: i remember (I think) a soap the aired in the early 1950s referred to as \"The an initial Hundred Years.\" that starred Eva Marie Saint and also Jack Lemmon (I think). I remember thinking they to be very good and might go a long way in display business. Am ns correct or to be it all just a dream?

Answer: it was every a dream, and also Eva Marie Saint and Jack Lemmon never ever rose the end of obscurity.

You\"re partially correct, kind of. \"The second Hundred Years\" was a soap opera that ran ~ above CBS indigenous 1950 to 1952. Yet it didn\"t function Saint and Lemmon, who were plying your acting trade elsewhere. Saint was play Claudia Barber ~ above the TV version of the long-running radio soap \"One Man\"s Family.\" and also at around the same time, Lemmon was showing up on a short-lived TV collection called \"Heaven because that Betsy\" v his then real-life wife, Cynthia Stone, together Betsy. Supposedly Lemmon play Heaven.

Question: ago in the 1970s, us believe, there was a movie about a bulldozer that involved life. To kill the bulldozer, they had actually it run over a chain-link fence and electrocuted it. Deserve to you tell us the title and also if it\"s ~ above DVD?

Answer: but wait - how can you electrocute a machine? What an unrealistic finishing to a movie that appears logical in every other way! Anywho, that\"s \"Killdozer,\" a 1974 TV movie v Clint Walker and Carl Betz. Alas, that isn\"t on DVD.

Question:This is a question around the actor that plays Meredith\"s father on \"Grey\"s Anatomy.\" ns think it\"s the exact same actor who remained in the detective series starring Don Johnson, wherein his office was on a barge in mountain Francisco. Mine husband claims no. We also can\"t think the the name of the show. You re welcome help!

Answer: The gibbs in concern is Jeff Perry, that does in reality play Thatcher Grey. The present in question is \"Nash Bridges,\" i m sorry ran on CBS native 1996 to 2001. Perry play Harvey Leek on that series.

Question:I have actually tried and tried come remember the surname of this movie. The was about a seeing Eye dog and also his owner and also how the see Eye program acquired started. I would so love to watch this movie again, and have mine grandson watch it as well. Is the on video or DVD?

Answer: Sounds choose \"Love leader the Way: A True Story,\" i m sorry is a 1984 made-for-TV movie through Timothy Bottoms, Susan Dey and Eva Marie Saint.

It was on video, but is now out that print.

Question: sometime in the 1970s, i recall a display or movie on TV in i m sorry a husband and wife uncover that someone has gotten in their residence through a basement door and is life in a keen space. I think they uncover this when they either see him or hear that in the furnace ducts. The mam takes a plate of food downstairs together an offering and, eventually, he joins them because that dinner. Have the right to you aid me out, or am i nuts?

Answer: That\"s \"Crawlspace,\" a 1972 TV movie with Arthur Kennedy and Teresa Wright as the pair and Tom Happer as the subterranean tenant.

Question:When I was in college, I witnessed an eye-opening documentary about the civil-rights movement. It to be in number of parts.

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I\"d choose to find it on video or DVD. Can you phone call me the title and if it\"s available?