After you have actually beaten all the 4 Underdrome battles at the underworld girlfriend think that is over now didn’t you? but it’s not. There are an additional group that battles called the Paradox Cup Battles. Come unlock this juts execute the following:

Panic and Pain Paradox Cup: Just finish the underdrome batles. A brand-new episode will certainly then be added at the Olympus Coliseum.

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Cerberus Paradox Cup: simply level up her drive forms to level 5(excluding final form). A new episode will be added.

Titan Paradox Cup: just level up your summon come level 5. A new episode will be added.

Hades Paradox Cup: The hardest cup come beat. Girlfriend will need to go v 50 war without protecting against in between. To acquire it just level up her drive and summon levels to max (which is level 7).

Well it is it. Hope the helps everybody trying to unlock the battles.

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