Song Jae-rim and also Kim So-Eun it seems to be ~ to be a perfect couple as they have operated together in various television series. We gained Married is a television series i m sorry took Song Jae-rim to a new fame and made civilization appreciate his work, follow me with Kim So-Eun. But, in addition to this, rumors began spreading about the partnership between Song Jae-rim and also Kim So-Eun. So, the real deal is are they dating in genuine life?

The two oriental stars have been spotted with each other multiple times that aroused the inquiry on their relationship. Although your on-screen romance is widely appreciated by the fans, Kim So-Eun is clear about their relation. The beautiful oriental onscreen pair shares a shortcut of friendship and also is comfortable working v each various other in the coming days.

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Relationship Between Kim So-Eun and also Song Jae-rim

The korean actors, song Jae-rim and Kim So-Eun, have actually been one onscreen pair for a long time and also the chemistry between them is fairly strong. Lock had functioned together for nine months during the shoot that We gained Married, and have emerged a mutual knowledge for each other. During a push conference, tune Jae-rim speaks about Kim So-Eun, and We gained Married:

Kim for this reason Eun is easygoing, we know each other and are comfortable so it was smooth cruising from the get-go for the first filming session.

The wedding step from We obtained Married

On the various other hand, Kim So-Eun likewise has a shared respect for her on-screen husband, Song Jae-rim. That is why, during the shoot of We got Married, she asked for an apology to Song Jae-rim concerning the rumor of a relationship between her and also a oriental actor kid Ho Joon, informing that that was not true. Track Jae-rim, then, uplifts she up by telling that she need not it is in sorry because that the rumors. Tune Jae-rim add to that:

To world when a rumor starts from a fragmentary knowledge and also is repeatedly said, it i do not care true. That’s why words are so dangerous.

Since there is no main news that these two room dating, all we have the right to say is that the oriental star has a soft edge in his heart for Kim So-Eun.

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Kim so Eun and Song Jae Rim throughout a photoshoot. Picture Source: Pinterest

Kim for this reason Eun and Song Jae Rim at Present

As of 2018, this two korean celebrities are enjoying their personal life and also still have a good relationship in between them, however just a relation of friendship. Both of the actors are solitary and haven’t been connected in various other relationships.