Cutlery comprises of any kind of hand-held implement because that eating or serving food. It contains various spoons, forks, knives, and also tongs. It is additionally called silverware or flatware. Cutlery is do of steels like stainless stole or silver.

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In modern-day days, cutlery has come increase in wonderful combinations — spife (spoon + knife), spork (spoon + fork), and knork (knife + fork).

Types of Spoons, Forks, and also Knives

There space different types of spoons for serving or eating various kinds of food. The forks frequently accompany spoons or assist independently to pick food bites. The velvet are provided to portion the food.

Dinner Spoon (Table Spoon) − It has actually elongated ring cup. The is used to eat main course food items. It have the right to pick up just the best amount of rice, stew, or curry. The is always paired through a fork (with four tines) that the same size or a dessert knife.

Dessert Spoon, Dessert Knife, and Dessert Fork − this are smaller than their main course peers and are used to have desserts.

Soup Spoon − It has actually a round cup bigger 보다 that of the table spoon. That is as long as a dinner spoon.

Tea/Coffee Spoons − these are smaller than the dessert spoon in length and size the cup. We use these spoons come stir tea or coffee.

Sugar Spoon − It has actually a flower shaped ring cup. The is offered to take it sugar indigenous sugar bowl of tea set.

Ice Cream Spoon − that is a small spoon with level rim that can aid to reduced the appropriate amount of ice cream cream. It deserve to come in small, medium, and large sizes according to the amount of the ice cream cream served and also the dimension of the bowl.

Cocktail (Soda) Spoon − it is a drink spoon with a lengthy handle that helps the spoon to with the bottom that a high glass.

Butter knife − the has quick rectangular blade the is sharp on the reduced side to form an edge. That is valuable in cutting semi-firm pieces of butter and apply lock on food items such together breads.

Salad Spoon − it is always used in pair through salad fork. It help mixing and serving salad efficiently.

Serving Spoon − the is a spoon with big round cup design to serve stews and rice.


Deli (Fruit) Fork − has two tines. It help to pick thinly sliced food such together slices that fruits.

Roast Fork − that is the largest fork. It has longer and stronger tines that help to hold and pick huge meat or vegetable pieces.

Cake Knife − the is a flat, elongated triangle-shaped knife and also is offered to cut pieces of cake and handle it smoothly.

Types the Glasses

The glasses and also tumblers come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. They are either footed through stem or non-footed. They can also be high-ball or low-ball. Some of the widely used shapes space −

Cooler − the is used to offer welcome drinks or appetizers.

Flute − it is a glass with a long cup and also is mainly used to offer champagne.

Goblet − the is a round glass with or there is no stem. The goblets through stem are provided to offer wines and brandy. A non-footed version is used to serve whisky.


Margarita − that is a variant of goblet with a large round dish-like cup. Margarita is used as a cocktail, mocktail, or a sorbet glass.

Mug − that is used to serve beers.

Nonic Glass − that is a tall glass with a vast rim. That is used to offer beers.

Pilsner − the is a high-ball glass used to offer cold coffee, iced tea, juices, and beer. A pilsner have the right to support beers or aerated drink gracefully.

Pint − it is a glass used to to water distilled alcohol right into other glasses.

Shot Glass − it is a tiny glass provided to consume fermented or distilled alcohol directly. That can additionally be supplied to to water distilled alcohol into other glasses because that mixing with water or sparkling water.

Snifter − that is supplied to offer spirits.

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Thistle Glass − that silhouette is shaped prefer a thistle flower. This glasses have tapered large rims through round cup attached come a stem and also disk. That is supplied to serve ales and also aerated drinks.