Little home on the Prairiemade family members names of numerous child actors consisting of Melissa Sue Andersonand Melissa Gilbert.Based top top the booksby Laura Ingalls Wilder, the historical drama set in the 1800s featured part young thespians that would later find fame via reality TV.

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Melissa Sue Anderson the ‘Little residence on the Prairie’ | wynn Hammer/NBCU picture Bank

‘RHOBH’ star Kyle Richards played Alicia Edwards ~ above ‘Little House’

Cast together the embraced daughter the Isaiah (Victor French) and Grace Edwards (Bonnie Bartlett), Kyle Richards that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame portrayed Alicia Sanderson Edwards in 18 episodes of Little home on the Prairie. Anderson recalled working with the truth star.

“She to be absolutely adorable back then,” Anderson created in her 2010 memoir,The means I view It: A Look earlier at my Life on small House.“We all loved come spoil her. I’ve run into her a couple of times end the years, and we both had kids at the same French college in Los Angeles for a time.”

Pointing out an unlikely connection, Anderson provided Little House’s link to an additional famous name v Richards’ family tree.

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“Kyle and Kim are aunts that Paris Hilton,” the Emmy-nominated actor shared. “Their sister, Kathy, is Paris’s mother. It’s strange to think that Paris Hilton and Little House being associated in any way!”

Kim Richards appeared in season 1

Anderson knew RHOBH alum Kim Richards before her guest illustration in Little House’s first season because that the illustration “Town Party, nation Party”. Follow to she book, Anderson wasn’t able to take it on a certain part for a movie which became given to Richards.

“Kim Richards had been a series regular on Nanny and the Professor,” Anderson recalled. “When i was can not to execute the film Escape to Witch Mountain, it was she that was actors in m place. Kim was component of an exhilaration family, and also I would cross routes with them an ext in the future.”

The Little House star considered Richards a welcomed addition for the episode, knowing her skilled work ethic.

“It was nice to check out Kim and also her mom again,” Anderson remarked. “In the past, i had regularly seen Kim in ~ interviews, wherein we could be auditioning come play sister or sometimes also for the very same role. She was a pro; she’d definitely had year of experience.”

Melissa Sue Anderson and ‘RHOBH’ star should’ve bring away off your mics

Anderson described a scene through Richards wherein the 2 were forced to walk increase a hill numerous times for a ‘walk and talk’ scene. V mics covert under their clothes, the 2 girls were giving footage for a ‘guide track’ that would later on be looped or changed with the same dialogue.

“So, Kim and I were walking earlier up that hill (for the umpteenth time) to try one last rehearsal,” Anderson explained. “This director was giving Kim a really hard time. He seemed to pick apart every little thing she did. … Kim started to mutter, ‘Gosh, does that think this is the very first time I’ve ever before done this?’ ‘I can’t think he desires me to say it like that,’ and ‘How do you attend to this guy?\"”

The Little residence alum said Richards it was this director’s an initial time at the helm the the show. Once the step was ultimately approved, the two young gibbs noticed other that gave them a bit of a panic.

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“We experienced the headphones that our director was removing native his head,” Anderson revealed. “Oh no, ns thought, he must have actually heard every little thing she said about him since our microphones were on. … that was a lesson i would never forget. If you should say something you don’t want the world to hear, switch off her radio mic.”

Fortunately because that Anderson and Richards, the manager didn’t complete the episode and also they were never reprimanded end the incident.