The lateral surface ar area the a consistent pyramid is the sum of the locations of its lateral faces. The full surface area of a continual pyramid is the amount of the areas of the lateral faces and also its base.

The basic formula because that the lateral surface ar area that a constant pyramid is l . S . A . = 1 2 ns l wherein ns represents the perimeter the the base and also together the slant height.
example 1:

discover the lateral surface ar area that a consistent pyramid through a triangular base if every edge that the base measures 8 inches and the slant height is 5 inches.


The perimeter that the base is the amount of the sides.

p = 3 ( 8 ) = 24     customs

together . S . A . = 1 2 ( 24 ) ( 5 ) = 60     inch 2

The general formula because that the total surface area of a constant pyramid is T . S . A . = 1 2 p l + B where p represents the perimeter that the base, l the slant height and B the area the the base.
example 2:

uncover the complete surface area of a consistent pyramid v a square basic if each edge that the base procedures 16 inches, the slant height of a next is 17 inches and also the altitude is 15 inches.


The perimeter of the basic is 4 s because it is a square.

ns = 4 ( 16 ) = 64     inch

The area that the basic is s 2 .

B = 16 2 = 256     inch 2

T . S . A . = 1 2 ( 64 ) ( 17 ) + 256                               = 544 + 256                               = 800     inch 2

over there is no formula for a surface ar area of a non-regular pyramid since slant height is not defined. To discover the area, discover the area of every face and the area of the basic and add them.

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