League of Legends is a team game, and any team-based game needs reliable communication between the members to make a far better strategy and execute the too. While LOL now offers voice-based chats for those play in matchmaking, if you’re going solo through random people, text-based chats — which have actually been about for as long as the video game has been — are one of the important tools for connecting with your allies and enemies.

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If you’re brand-new to the game and are can not to number out just how to chat, whether in-game or in the client, here are travel guide to assist you chat in LOL with allies or anyone on the map. If you’re unable to watch allied or every chat in LOL, you can likewise troubleshoot the by checking out the in-game settings, as discussed in the overview below.

How to conversation in LOL?

During a game, you either have the right to send message to just your team members or likewise your enemy team. Below we’ve questioned how you deserve to chat with just your team or every the football player on the map, which consists of your opponent team in-game.

How to chat through your team?

To chat with your allies in LOL, after ~ the game has started, push the Enter button on your keyboard and also start typing in the chat window that shows up at the bottom-left fo the display. As soon as your post is complete, struggle the Enter button again come send the message.

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How to chat with everyone?

To send a message to every the players in LOL, you deserve to either press Shift and Enter buttons on your key-board simultaneously or press Enter and type /all. In the same chat window to the bottom-left kind your message, and it’ll be sent to anyone on the map, consisting of the enemy team.

check the screenshot listed below to see the difference in between how the chats sent out to her teammates look and also the conversation send to anyone on the map does. You’ll an alert that the chat sent out to everyone appears with  in prior of her name.
If you’re unable to start an allied or every chat, friend should examine the in-game chat settings; check out the guide below.

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How to inspect your chat setups in LOL?

You can examine the video game settings one of two people in the customer or when in-game to ensure that LOL conversation is enabled. If you’re in-game, you can press the Esc (Escape) switch to access the menu and if you’re in the customer window, click the Gear (settings) button at the top-right beside the close (X) window button.

on the setups menu, select Interface indigenous the sidebar top top the left and then scroll under to discover Chat heading. You’ll check out three choices below the heading through tick-boxes. Mite the two at the peak to present , and also your team chat, respectively. The one at the bottom under the Chat heading is for showing timestamps besides the LOL chats, as have the right to be seen in screenshots above.
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How come chat v a girlfriend in the LOL client?

To chat v someone via the organization of Legends client, the person needs come be your friend. Come send who a friend request, you deserve to either find for lock via the file (+) icon beside Social heading in ~ the peak of the chat-bar at the ideal or include them native the score home window at the end of the game.

To chat with a friend, find for lock in the conversation sidebar come the right and also right-click on their name. From the menu, click on Send Message.

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A chat home window will appear at the bottom-right the the client. You have the right to start typing there and also hit Enter to send.
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