Even Batman requirements Lego Batman 3 codes native time to time. Batman’s third brick-based outing sees him far from home, also visiting the Moon in ~ one point. But despite these zanier elements, Lego Batman 3 beyond Gotham is really much a Lego game through and also through. This means brick-breaking, stud-collecting and cheats galore. To make sure you’re do the many of the wide range of cheats in Lego Batman 3 past Gotham, we’ve placed together a list of every cheat code in the game. We’ll be acquisition a look at character unlock Lego Batman 3 cheats, stud multipliers and also more.

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Lego Batman 3 password - cheats for beyond Gotham

This gift a Lego game and all, there are plenty of cheat to enjoy. We’ve provided all that the Lego Batman 3 beyond Gotham Codes and Cheats below. They encompass character unlocks, stud multipliers, and also more.

EWTPKA -"Bat-Fight" Captions Red BrickJYJAFX - "Minikit Finder" Red Brick5MZ73E - "Studs Score Multiplier x 2" Red BrickV3GTHB - AquaManZGCEAJ - AtrocitusXZKLKQ - Bane4LS32K - BatgirlZWQPJD - Batman (Zur-En-Arrh)YC3KZZ - Beast BoyAPEKBV - Blue BeetleX2T7G9 - Booster Gold5SW59X - Deathstroke4HRERD - medical professional FateEWTPKA - struggle CaptionsFQ4ESE - Frankenstein95U7BM - Giganta556677 - eco-friendly ArrowPHHGPH - holiday HatsJ6ANCT - Kevin Smith998877 - Krypto189976 - LarfleezeB5ABPQ - LoboJYJAFX - Minikit DetectorD04otd - miss martian manhunterS7GSDE - Music MeisterN9CZ7S - NightwingH2VB8Z - Plastic ManKNJBD8 - quest DetectorTRQTPS - Red HoodF32OTD - Shazam5MZ73E - Studs x2QDQ3YL - SuperboyNQ46RC - The Fierce Flame9WYGLP - The Joker

Lego Batman 3 beyond Gotham Trophies/Achievements

Lego Batman 3 beyond Gotham is a perfect video game to collect trophies for. You’ll earn many of them simply by play the game, and also the remainder are still fun to job-related towards. Here are all of the Lego Batman 3 beyond Gotham Trophies/Achievements:

Complete Level 10 - A Blue HopeComplete Level 12 - all the RagePlay together Batman (Zur-En-Arrh) - one Unearthly LikenessComplete Level 14 - Aw-Qward SituationTransform Bane right into Bane (Venom-Powered) - Bane and GainWitness the 100% LEGO Stud fountain - Bat"s All, FolksSet both cost-free Play characters as Bat-Mite and also Mr. Mxyzptlk - us from the 5th DimensionComplete Level 8 - huge Trouble in tiny GothamComplete Level 2 - breaking BATS!Complete Level 15 - breaking the IceFind and also destroy a covert doughnut ~ above a hub world Find and also destroy a hidden doughnut on a hub earth - Doughnut DiscovererComplete Level 7 - Europe against ItJump ~ above bouncy objects 50 time - anyone Loves BouncingGlide repetitively for 10 secs - Glide top top TimeSet both complimentary Play characters as eco-friendly Arrow and also Green LanternHard travel HeroesFind a gang of jumping cows on the Moon - Hey Diddle DiddlePlay as The Riddler in the Batcave Trophy Room - Intruder alert! Intruder alert!Complete Level 11 - Jailhouse NokComplete any hub race as environment-friendly Loontern - Loontern"s space RaceCreate a tradition character - Mirror... MIRROR!Complete Level 13 - require for GreedSet both complimentary Play characters as poison Ivy and Harley Quinn - brand-new Queens that CrimeKnock out your buddy on the planet Nok - Nok Nok!Find and destroy a covert Riddler Trophy - currently THAT"S impressive!Visit every one of the HUB Lantern Planets - One giant Leap because that (Bat)Man-kindVisit the Moon basic in the Hub - One small Step for (Bat)Man...Complete Level 1 - Pursuers in the SewersComplete Bonus Level - very same Bat-time! exact same Bat-channel!Transform from Billy Batson right into Shazam! - SHAZAM!Complete Level 4 - space Station InfestationComplete Level 3 - an are suits you, Sir!Set both totally free Play personalities as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle - at sight BuddiesSet both cost-free Play personalities as Ace the Bat-Hound and also Krypto - supervisor PetsComplete Level 5 - The huge GrapplePlay together Adam West - The glowing KnightFind the hidden celebrity party - The green RoomComplete Level 6 - The Lantern MenaceComplete Level 9 - power of LoveAttain ""True Hero"" standing in any kind of level - True HeroTurn on all Red Brick Extras in ~ the exact same time - Under the Red BrickCollect every one of the Trophies - World"s Finest

How to use Cheats in Lego Batman 3 past Gotham

There room a pair of various ways to enter cheats in Lego Batman 3. Firstly, you deserve to go come the ‘Extras’ food selection from the stop menu. Right here you’ll uncover the choice to go into passwords. Just go into the codes provided above and the cheat will trigger. After using a cheat once, you’ll have the ability to use that whenever you want, without entering a code. The other method is to visit the Batcomputer in the Batcave and select the ‘Enter Password’ option.

For a look at Cheats for other games in the series, why not head over to our Lego DC Supervillians Cheats. There"s likewise our breakdown of Lego Marvel Superheroes Cheats, and also Lego Marvel Avengers Cheats.

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