You need to save 5 friends from the hooded wizard. George is on the right side that the camping site. Destroy the rockets flying round him #1. The various other Weasley brother is lying under the table - strike the wizard twice #2 and also pick up the table through (WL).

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Head to the ideal side that the field and also you will discover Mr Weasley next to the cauldron. Usage the large frying Mr. (WL) come hit the sorcerer’s #1. It"s time to develop the Invisibility Potion. You can discover one the the ingredients on the grill #2 - usage magic and you will light a fire.

On the best you will uncover a spider-web - usage magic top top it and also a spider will loss down #1. In bespeak to acquire the third ingredient, switch to Hermione and use Crookshanks to dig the bush #2 i m sorry will offer you a cherry.


Drink the Invisibility Potion, technique the red publication #1 and jump onto it. Press (WL) the auto to unlock the passage. Usage (WL) again ~ above the time to save Fred #2.

You need to gain to Harry. Damage the white banner and construct (WL) a trampoline from the bricks, thanks to which you will have the ability to jump end the flames #1. Damage the chest impede the water barrel #2 so that it have the right to put the end the fire.

Approach the chest and use (WL) on it - the second character will obtain a water barrel the end of it #1. Usage it (WL) to extinguish the fire by the tent. Move to Hermione and also use Crookshanks to destruction up a wheel. Install it come the car #2 and push it lightly v (WL).

Go ideal - rotate round the knocked over cauldron #1 through (WL). In the orange chest friend can discover an axe - usage it (WL) come chop turn off the brick prevent the passage. Damage the chest and also the barrel - a skeleton will show up #2 and after a while girlfriend will receive a potion ingredient.

Eliminate the pixie with (IM) - choose up the tap and also place it right into the barrel, which will certainly fill up the bucket with water. Extinguish (WL) the flames #1. You will certainly find an additional ingredient in the hole. A bit further there space planks and boxes lying on the floor - destroy them and also pick up the medicine ingredient #2.

Drink the Strengthening Potion and also pull the chain by the gate #1. Girlfriend will have to confront the hooded wizards. The job is simple - you have to fight off three waves of enemies. Remove the targets with a plain spell #2. If friend get caught by a snake, move to the other character and kill the reptile. First wave: six hooded wizards. Second wave: eight hooded wizards and also three snakes. Third wave: six hooded wizards and five snakes.


You start in the Entrance hall (M1.2). Follow virtually Headless Nick come the Potions classroom (M4.42). Within you will certainly learn how to create the Aging Potion i beg your pardon will enable you to cross magical barriers. Usage (WL) ~ above the publications by the pipe enntrance gate - you will produce a passage in between the tables. Move to Hermione or Ron and use Crookshanks / Scabbers to get inside the pipe #1. In ~ its finish you will activate a device which will reduced the cage. When the bird paris down, use magic on the - girlfriend will develop two pieces of meat. Location them on the aquarium (WL) #2 and the fish will eventually jump the end for it. Take it (WL) the medicine ingredients and also throw them right into the cauldron.

On the left friend will discover a head - use (WL) top top the horns and also once the wall surface opens, use Hermione to read the indications on the shelf #1. Location the bricks (WL) on the north table. Open the publication - it contains three in different way coloured beakers. Top top the table, except an empty vessel, you will additionally find beakers to fill with three fluids - red, yellow and also blue #2.

To create particular colours, you have to mix:

Red + Yellow = Orange

Red + Blue = Green

Yellow + Blue = Green

You will receive another potion ingredient.

On the right side of the room you will discover a locked chest - usage magic on it and then ar the brick in the empty spot through the 2 water containers #1. Jump on one of the platforms - the 2nd character will jump onto the other one. Wait a bit for the water to be pumped through and also you will get the following ingredient. Drink the Aging potion and also go with the barrier #2. Head ago to the Great room (M1.3) and then come Hagrid"s Hut (M3.24).


Go ideal - a red dragon is blocking your way. In the bowl by the cage girlfriend will uncover a purple egg - relocate it increase (WL) #1. Afterwards destroy the padlock and also go inside. Command the egg (WL) so the is gets to the dragon cage #2. At some point a small dragon will hatch and the course will it is in unlocked.

Eliminate (IM) the three pixies holding the components of the chain #1. After that put it ago together (WL) and also pull with Hagrid - friend will open up the bridge. While crossing it, look out for the flames coming the end of the wall surface on the appropriate #2.

Use (LS) to follow away the Devil"s Snare and also use magic of the pipeline - assemble a mushroom (WL) #1. Jump up, do a chain indigenous the bricks (WL) and also pull it v Hagrid to lower the bridge. Girlfriend will end up by a environment-friendly dragon. Unroll (WL) the xylophone ~ above the left #2. Colourful notes will certainly start appearing from the dragon"s mouth - fight the suitable keys with the mallet (WL).

1. Red, yellow.

2. Green, yellow, blue.

3. Red, yellow, blue, green.

The dragon will autumn asleep - you can move on. Jump between the flames #1. Top top your means you will come throughout four groups of flames. Usage the key (WL) on the aquarium come gather some water and then to water it top top the fire #2. Do a staircase indigenous the planks (WL).

You will certainly come throughout a blue dragon. Grab the purple ring (WL) and direct is so that the dragon starts breathing fire in ~ the attachments. Through the an initial and last one, collection the ring so that the attachments is in the centre. As for the middle one, place the ring between the first and second attachment #1. After ~ unlocking the path, relocate on - you have to develop a bridge from the bricks (WL) #2.

In the next location, use (WL) on one of the chains #1. Hagrid and the dragon handler will certainly take treatment of the other ones. In ~ the following location, use Fang to dig up a hole in the ground #2.

Go down v Hagrid and traction the chain - you will certainly unlock the top passage. V Harry upstairs, placed on the Invisibility Cloak and also go past the dragon #1. Remove the vines native the roadway (LS) and also use magic on the plant - you will certainly unlock a passage listed below #2.

Pick up large brick heap (WL) so that Hagrid have the right to move ~ above #1. Once by the tree, pick up the pile again (WL) - Hagrid will usage the mushroom and also this method you will have the ability to go through the tree, so move on right. Destruction up the chain through Fang, pull it out using Hagrid (WL) and eventually ruin the lock through Harry #2.


You start in the Gryffindor Dormitory (M2.16). Follow the ghost come the 2nd Defense versus the Dark art Classroom (M4.46). Friend will learn the Reducto spell (RD). Your task is to save five students crushed by silver items #1 utilizing the (RD) spell. You shouldn"t have problems with locating all five in this little room. Lower the cage and head towards Hagrid"s Hut (M3.24) where you will uncover a tent and also professor Dumbledore next to it #2.

The an initial task

Run right and also look the end for the dragon. As soon as you gain to the blockade, destroy a couple of brown stones lie on the ground and also create a (WL) dog #1. In ~ the really end top top the best you will find a violet platform - location it in the caving in between the bricks #2. A couple of black persons will loss out - develop a cauldron indigenous them (WL).

Assemble the skeleton (WL) #1a and you will get an ingredient. The second one is appropriate beside, extended with vines - usage (LS) #2.

The third one deserve to be acquired from the line body ~ above the left next #1 - usage magic on it. Drink the Strengthening Potion, run onto the platform and also pull the chain #2.

Jump up and also place the platform (WL) in the middle of the pit #1. You have to pass through the next couple rock communication quickly, as the dragon breaths fire onto them #2.

Once you"re on the last one, use the water barrel (WL) come extinguish the flames #1. Switch to Hermione and also use Crookshanks to dig out the blue brick #2.

The red one is being organized by a pixie - remove it with (IM), when the eco-friendly one is ~ above the best side - destroy the construction using magic. Collection the bricks on the right spots (WL), the bricks colour has actually to enhance up v the skeleton helmets #1. Run up to obtain the egg. The colony phase is to run away. Run run right (in the direction the the screen), while avoiding the obstacles and also jumping end the holes in the floor #2.

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