A guide to Leo Virgo Cusp Signs

Characteristics the those born on theLeo Virgo CuspKnown as: The Cusp the ExposureLeo Virgo Cusp Signs, prefer the Cusp of Cancer and also Leo, can be a facility combination.

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The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun and also the ruling world of Virgo is Mercury. This means that this Cusp authorize is open, logical, has actually overwhelming power however is at risk to readjust their minds.

The Zodiac authorize of Leo The Lion is among those larger than life characters. This means that there deserve to be inner turmoil once you consider how reserved Virgo have the right to be.

However, the influence of Virgo method that Leo Virgo Cusp indications will need more space and time to do their own thing than Leo would usually want.

The Cusp that ExposureCusp Dates

August 18 to respectable 27

Those born between August 18 and also August 22 are more of a Leo, v a little bit of Virgo thrown in.

True Leo-Virgo Cuspers have actually birthdays on respectable 23 or 24.

However, those born between August 25 and 27, will be Virgo v Leo influence.

The element of Virgo is Earth and Leo is Fire

Will earth smother the fire or will certainly the fire proceed to burn despite it?

The an outcome is the sometimes the Leo/Virgo will certainly be complete of beans. However, the next minute lock will have reverted to no wanting to check out anyone, if they execute their own thing.

The Leo Virgo Personality

Leo has actually a substantial need come create. Virgos combine their an abilities and talents together for the an excellent of others.

This way that the result is a combination that has huge energy and ambition. This leads to success in whatever they pick to end up being involved.

Leo Virgo has great organization acumen. They have meticulous attention to detail. This is an unified with their ability come stick to a well thought out organised routine.

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Leo-Virgos tend to be popular and also even inspiring to others.


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