The French Brittany is a total dog bred mainly for bird hunting that originated from France. It’s a tool to big dog breed at around 18 come 21 customs tall, weighing anywhere in between 30 come 40 pounds. The French Brittany’s typical lifespan is about 14 come 15 years.

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The French Brittany Spaniel embodies European history and has actually an beginning story unlike any other.

I placed this article together to advice the pros and cons of this celebrated purebred, which oftentimes it s okay mistaken for other dogs in its exact same class.

By the end of this article, you’ll be dice to throw on a beret and also pick increase a baguette on your means home from work.

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Work Hard, play HardLiving v The French Brittany


Parlez-Vous Francais?

This dog to be named after the French province in which it to be bred. Brittany is situated on the much Northwest Coast and also neighbors the just of Biscay.

Often times, civilization will confuse the French Brittany because that an English Setter. The connection between these breeds is so solid because the Brittany Dog was actually bred indigenous English Setters in the 1800s.

Because of their close family ties, the French Brittany Spaniel is likewise similar come the following breeds:

Its closest relative, the American Brittany, to be bred overseas in the unified States and was offered as a to run dog. The French Brittany has other talents.

Read around another dog which has French roots: Frenchton (French Bulldog & Boston Terrier mix)

Work Hard, pat Hard


The Brittany Dog’s temperament is happy, attentive, and adaptable.

Their sweet-natured personality provides them easy to train — as lengthy as you not utilizing harsh punishment.

This dog is highly sensitive and doesn’t perform well v aggressive owners.

The French Brittany enjoys person contact, which provides it a good choice because that children, adults, and also strangers.

Not the best guard dog, that’s for sure.

When it involves hunting, this purebred does no mess around. It’s dubbed a Gun Dog for a reason.

Gun dogs were occurred to aid hunters find and also retrieve smaller sized animals, especially birds.

There are three main varieties of total Dogs:

Retrievers: castle retrieve prey for huntersFlushing Dogs: they find prey and also drive it from that is hiding placePointing Dogs: they allude their nose in the direction that prey

The French Brittany have the right to be trained to suggest and retrieve small animals.


Get To recognize The Sporting Group

The French Brittany Spaniel belongs to the Sporting group, similar to its breeding relative the English Setter.

Dogs that this course are smart, active, and also athletic, which renders them great at hunting and tracking small animals.

Their physics appearances will vary based on weight, height, cloak colors, and also body shape — yet their personalities room pretty similar.

If you to be to choose a specific breed, it would be based upon looks since their an abilities are coinciding together well.

Living through The French Brittany


To appropriately groom a French Brittany Spaniel, you’ll have to brush its coat 2-3 times a week as result of its density.

It’s not thought about a hypoallergenic dog as it sheds throughout the year.

As stated in the very first paragraph the life span of a French Brittany is 14 – 15 years.

As this each other loves to chase, it requires consistent leash training native a young age. At some allude in your dog’s life, it might run turn off after a bird or squirrel.

If this happens, do NOT chase after it. The dog will think you’re play along.

Instead, the best method to call it ago is by utilizing food. The odor of raw, uncooked chicken will entice its attention.

Remember to constantly use affectionate, confident training.

The French Brittany does ideal outside. the loves playing fetch and also catching frisbees.

Watch the Brittany Dog go through ar training below!

As for diet and also exercise, this each other eats 2 ½ – 3 ½ cup a day, divided into 2 servings.

To efficiently own this dog and keep it happy and also entertained, you require a backyard. the cannot remain inside all day or in a little apartment.

It requirements at least one hour of running time every day.

What around Other Pets?

This might be the greatest con of owning a French Brittany: it doesn’t perform well with other pets.

It’s a bad idea to keep this dog in the same residence as rodent, bird, also a small cat.

The Brittany Dog has a strong prey-drive and also will not hesitate to death your parrot or rabbit. Very same size or bigger dogs have to be just fine.

Physical features Of The French Brittany Spaniel


Did you understand that male and female French Brittany dog are around the exact same size? castle both peak at 21 inches (54 cm) at the shoulder.

As mentioned above their weight varieties between 30 – 40 pounds (14 – 18 kg).

A French Brittany’s coat constantly comes in at the very least two colors, sometimes even tri-colored. The most usual patterns room white and also fawn, black and also grey, brown and white, and also shades that blue-ish silver.

This breed is normally born through a docked tail. It’s not the owner’s an option to crop it.

Their physicality is defined as a medium-size chest, floppy ears, a spotted coat, and also robust legs.

Where deserve to I obtain A French Brittany?

A significant pro the this dog is the not an extremely expensive contrasted to various other purebreds out there. The cost of a French Brittany Spaniel goes for about $800.

There are likewise lots the adopting and also breeding web page to pick from!

If you’d choose to acquire the French Brittany from a breeder, check out L’Escarbot Kennels, Sun country Bretons, and Dakota country Kennels.

As for rescue places, you can constantly look at Adopt-A-Pet and the French Brittany Rescue web page on Facebook.

You may likewise want to take into consideration adopting an American Brittany from their main rescue page.


Overall Impressions

At a glance, the French Brittany dog is full of energy, loves the agency of people, and also a spectacular hunter.

This dog is the perfect fit for someone who has actually a backyard, works from house (or is home a lot), and also doesn’t live with other pets.

If you’re searching for a safety dog, move along. If you’re looking for a family members dog, remain here.

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Do friend think the French Brittany Spaniel is your perfect fit? Comment below!

Au revoir!

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