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Michael Phelps this because that you babyI’m goin’ for the goldMy heart is in control, mine mind is on succeedAnd i am in the leadDon’t buy right into the schemesThe science or strategeJust giant N-U-T’s brings triumph and reliefI’m reliant on redeem, influenced by the greenNever tieing off of fatigue, never ever defiant to mine teamNever lie on the thing until i’m lying on the thingHooked come wires and things i’m a dice as a kingIf ns don’t do it currently I’m a try it againAnd once I do achieve itI’m a try it again, i’m a lytic insaneI’m a lion mine mane hangs down to my stringsAnd lock tied to the game, I stay dry when it rainI’m tried of the fameGot everything to gain and I’m proud that the painThe pride and also the plain, the wise and also the strangeDenied through the sane as well as we’re the sameWhose guiding the train, who flyin’ the planeWhose drivin’ the laneWho dies once it bang, that fires as soon as it bangWho lies in the aimTwo lives in the drain, that cries when they sangYou hide however you can’t, you hide but you ain’tI advise you come thank, you’ll find what friend can’tRevive what friend taint, make it through what girlfriend paintSuper-size what you shrank, the fries and also the drankAdmired as a saint, identified by my rank, an unified with mine strengthMy time and my length, ns a iron the end the kinks, yes ns on the brinkAnd in the eye the a wink, i’m a retiree in the bank yeeaahhh
And i’m no quitter cause I’m a go, i’m a go, i’m a walk getterNo ns no quitter reason I’m a go, ns a go, ns a go getterYeeaaahhhh I, ns gon’ acquire it, I, i’m gon’ gain it, yeah ns gon’ get it yeeaahhhCause i’m a go, i’m a go, i’m a go getterSshh, victory consistantlyTrain all year to be the enemy’s miseryNo tension visibly, neither does it go into meI think positivelyYou can’t harm me mentallyNot physically, no spirituallyYou’ll never remove meI am the summary of this is what you did to meNothin’s what friend did for me, nothin’s what you offer to meI take every little thing I’m visualingNow break every one of the limiting, currently shake every one of the gimickingThe fakery, the trickery, nurse just how sick is he, worse i’m sickeningI’ll be at the end up line firstHow quick is he, I’ma make sure they point out me for the next centuryI ain’t with the bickering, I’m full of dignity, I’m complete of energyPull out the inside me or bull after dinner meatI stand in the winter heat, it might be the finish of me, but an excellent be defending me yeeeaaahhhAnd i’m no quitter, i’m a go, i’m a go, ns a go getterYeeeaaaahhh and also I’m no quitter, ns a go, i’m a go, ns a go getterAnd ns no quitter cause I’m a go, ns a go, i’m a go getter

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Yeaahhh i’m allergic to cheatin’I dislike failure and I’m in love with achievementAbove and beneath itA hug once I greet itMy eyes on the prizeAnd ns love as soon as I look for itDone with the speakin’ begun with the preachin’Now pray until I to be one with the deaconNow play until I have actually won every little thing we winI play till I have won and then i re-win, yeeeaaahhhhAnd ns no quitter, i’m a go, ns a go, ns a go getterYeeeaaaahhh and also I’m no quitterI’m a go, ns a go, i’m a walk getterI’m gon’ gain it, yeah i’m gon’ acquire it, yeah ns gon’ get it yeahAnd i’m no quitter, i’m a go, ns a go, ns a walk getterYeeeaaaahhh and also I’m no quitterI’m a go, ns a go, i’m a walk getterYeeeaaaahhh and I’m no quitterI’m a go, i’m a go, ns a walk getterAnd ns no quitterrrrr