A line of symmetry is a line where the numbers on either side of it space symmetric. You can think the it as a mirror line, and also one side must be a enjoy of the other.

A heart shape only has actually one line of symmetry. In the picture, it's the red line. As you deserve to see, the left side of the red heat is a reflection of the best side. There's only one because you can't find an additional line whereby this works. Because that example, the blue lines don't work.Hope this helps!"}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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A line of the contrary is a line whereby the figures on either next of it room symmetric. You deserve to think of it as a winter line, and one side have to be a reflection of the other.

A heart shape only has one heat of symmetry. In the picture, it"s the red line. As you deserve to see, the left next of the red heat is a enjoy of the ideal side. There"s only one due to the fact that you can"t find one more line wherein this works. Because that example, the blue present don"t work.

Hope this helps!


Perform the suggested operations the the reasonable algebraic expressions.PASAGOT PO W/SOLUTION SANA TY
divide using synthetic division(90p^2 + 145p^2 + 77p + 29) \div (9p + 10) DETERMINE THE missing MEASURES2. area = (x^2 - 6x^2… + 12x - 8)cm ^2 length = ( x^24x + 4)cmwidth =
19.2341 and also 10.0080? A. 9.2260 D. 9.2263 C. 9.2264 B. 9.2261 7. The sum of 6 + 0.413 + 0.173 is D. 6.658 A. 0.6586 B. 6.586 C 6.865 8. Subtract 0.9289…and 0.7493. The difference is A. 0.2216 B. 0.1796 C. 16782 D. 0.0796 9. For she father's birthday, Rhia purchase a gift precious P206.50. Exactly how much of her 5 hundred-peso invoice was left? A. P293.50 B. P286.50 C. P274.50 D. P253.50 10. The the 41 kg of fruits Karen had sold, 5.75 kg to be mangoes, 21.5 kg were lanzones, and also the remainder were papayas. How countless kg were papayas? A 11.75 B. 12.75 C. 13.75 D. 14.75 11. Emma to buy a red dress worth P1 966.99. #she provided P2 000,00 to the cashier, just how much is her change? A. P33.01 B. P53.01 C. 963.10 D. . 12. The water bill expenses P875.50 if the call bill expenses P.25 more. Exactly how much will certainly be required to pay for the bills? A. P1 562.75 3. P1751.00 CP2438.25 CP4765​
Activity 2: Sum and Product PuzzlesDirection: watch the adhering to puzzle and also complete the given problem using your skills on thebasic math o… perations. Write your answer in thebox.Example: uncover two determinants whose product is 10 and also sum is 7.10PRODUCT25FactorFactor7Threractors are 5 and also Since(5)(2) = 10 and 5 + 2 = 7SUM123.2.161. .7876.5.-188NI-729.8.43icriwهه فا23​
describe the discriminant that x²+6x+5=0.a.zerob.positive perfect square c.positive non perfectd.negatuve numbers​
B. 3a + b C. A- 3b A. 3a - 8b D. 3a + check II. True or False Directions: write "True" if the explain is true and also write "False" if 1. (3x) (x - 3) ar…e the factors of (3x2 - 9)? 2. (27a3 – 1) is an example of amount of two Cubes? 3. (p+2) (p+2) space the factors of p2 + 4p + 4 2x is the simplified type of 8x 4. ? 3y 12y test III. Essay Direction: provide a brief explanation top top the offered question. Atle sentences. (5 pts.) 1. What is the straightforward concept or process in simplifying a polyn​
Given the zeros the a quadratic function, -1 and 4, determine the equation making use of the formula f(x)= a (x-ru) (x-12). Tivity 2: What's my Rule! (LM 9 pp.…161)​

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