As surely countless of you dear drinkers have actually found, antiquated blue regulations prohibit widespread sales that booze top top Sundays in Together a result, not so numerous years ago, seeking the end suds ~ above Sunday supposed finding the the very least seedy packaged good shop the stocked mainly overpriced residential beer, magnums the low high quality wine and fifths that cheap liquor worthy of drinking in its very own brown document bag. Fortunately, Charm City has gained a little more charming, v an increased variety of Sunday shops that room bound to make the job of rest even more, well... Restful. Cheers!

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The alcohol SourceThis Hampden shop, tucked away on Elm Avenue, is a destination suggest for among the finest selections the beer, wine and liquor in the city any day that the week, yet we’re particularly grateful they are open up on Sundays from 11 am to 7 PM. Also the boxed wine offerings space sizable, and also it’s among the few city point out to sell individual party of beer for purchase. Growlers of neighborhood brews, in 32 oz or 64 oz options, are easily accessible at the front, and also we’ll recognize we’re in love through the specialty food ar that has actually a an ext than an extensive cheese selection and knowledgeable cheesemongers to guide buyers to find just the ideal pairing. (3601 Elm Ave.; 410-467-7777)

Harford Beverage CompanyLocated on Harford Road, attached to Racers’ Cafe and open daily at 10 AM, Harford Beverage has been a renowned Sunday shop because that years. Counting on detect the just-released handmade beers here, together with popular wines and plenty that liquor. Bonus: Sidle up to the bar at Racers’ and shot hard-to-find bourbon and scotch, or sip over a dozen suds ~ above tap and more by the bottle. (7732 Harford Rd.; 410-665-6000)Chesapeake alcohol CompanyAfter grabbing her groceries, or sipping on Starbucks, mosey end to Chesapeake alcohol in The Can company to get your wine for the night. Owner Mitchell Pressman stocks the shop through interesting options maintaining an eye ~ above both quality and value. Handwritten descriptions offer buyers one intimate peek right into the character of the wine from Pressman’s perspective. The walls are lined through wine organized by region, however we choose perusing the bins featured in the front. There’s a small, yet high top quality (we love that we can discover Poland’s Zywiec here), choice of beer in the fridge toward the back, and a decent variety of liquor together well. The specialty food choice is worthy that gift-giving (try the pickles!), and also the staff room happy to slice the artisanal cheese to any kind of weight, making that the perfect location to share up for a wine and also cheese night. Chesapeake Wine’s Sunday hours are 11 AM–6 PM.(2400 Boston St. #112; 410-522-4556)

Canton crossing Wine and also SpiritsOn the east side that town, this shop is located in the Canton cross Shopping Center, among the few places where parking is no at a premium, and is open from 10 to be to 6 afternoon on Sundays. We are big fans that the organization of wine follow me the walls by price (one wall is labeling “Under $15,” the various other “Under $25”) and by style, with labels like “light,” “medium” and “full” accompanying brief descriptions native in-house staff, v pairing suggestions. Pricier party are easily accessible as well, and also there are plenty of handmade brews in six packs and huge formats, as well. At least eight local beers are on regular basis on insanity to try and to purchase in growlers, too. There’s a litany that liquors to browse, however we’re pretty hooked ~ above the bourbon and also whiskey selections. Agree Tip: If you’re in the delivery area, this is a shop offered by the Drizly app, an interpretation you can not only obtain your alcohol ~ above Sunday - you have the right to have it delivered too!(3831 Boston St.; 410-563-9463)

Aloha LiquorsWe’ll concede that the ambiance at Aloha Liquors is a tiny like those seedy shops we stated before, yet this Charles Street mainstay, beside a sushi spot through the exact same name, supplies a solid selection of wine and also craft beer. A main draw is the wide assortment of eastern beer, sake and wine. This is, by some accounts, the ideal spot in to locate hard to uncover Korean alcohol options like soju and makgeolli. Sunday hours below are from 12–11 PM. (1220 N Charles St.; 443-759-8531)

Bo Brooks Lighthouse LiquorsWith over 800 beers in stock and also a make-your-own-six-pack option, this Boston Street gem is the location to situate those hard-to-find brews and also just-on-the-shelf seasonals. Constantly update the alcohol selection, through a focus on value, vino is in no shortage at this spot either. Desire whiskey? Lighthouse Liquors attributes tons of tiny batch, handmade whiskey indigenous at least 30 different states in enhancement to other obscure liquors, and also the repetitively friendly and knowledgeable staff deserve to walk you with finding exactly what you want.

While there, hit up the deli because that a sandwich, prefer the Yorkshire Triple Melt v roast beef, caramelized onions, horseradish sauce, honey mustard and melted cheddar or the Nina Simone top top a baguette with chicken, bacon, red onion, barbecue sauce, chipotle mayo, havarti, and also melted cheddar cheese. Prevent by for a bite and also a bottle anytime between 10 AM and 9 afternoon on Sundays. (2701 Lighthouse Point; 410-558-0390)

Bin 604This award-winning shop was opened in 2001 by renowned sommelier Tony Foreman. ~ cruising through entirety Foods or brunching in ~ Wit and also Wisdom, pop in top top Sundays indigenous 11 AM–7 afternoon to select from one expansive lot of reds, whites, rosés and also sparkling wines.

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Useful staff can guide you v the high shelves of bottles, and the generosity Bin Bucks rewards regimen will store you comes back. (604 S Exeter St.; 410-576-0444)