By WolfMutt

This is how I shed my virginity to a black color lab. This is a true story, approximately you if you desire to think it.

This is just how I shed my virginity. Girlfriend can think what friend want however I simply want come tell people. As soon as I was about 14 year old mine moms girlfriend moved into our house. With her she brought her 2 kids and a black color lab called Remey. Remey was not the best mannered dog. Ns don’t think the girlfriend paid lot attention come him. He humped everyone, yet it to be nice being able come play v a huge dog because that once. I started to notice something odd. When I to be playing v him, the would start to hump me. I would push him off but I realize I had actually an erection. Ns didn’t think to lot on it till it kept popping increase in mine head. I started to establish I found this black color lab to be fairly attractive. I saw the net for assist and boy did that help. I started to establish I might have an attraction to dogs. I chose to try out this theory. He was in my room through no one else. I opened my mouth and also let his tongue slide in while i slide mine in his muzzle, making out so to speak. It turned me on. As the moment went on i stumbled top top a guide, this overview talked around dog sex. I learned fairly a bit from it. One day, everyone in the house was leaving. Castle asked if I wanted to go. I said no. Butterflies filled my stomach. I might feel mine breath getting short. I watched everyone leave and waited a little to make certain they were no coming back. Ns walked up to my room and I can hear Remey behind me choose he always did. This to be it. I was hard and also sat down and make out with him. The was passionate as always. I reached down and grabbed his sheath. Ns jerked that a bit and also saw his red cock. I reached down and also put my lips around it. The taste was horrible at first. I didn’t care. I sucked his cock a bit yet he began to shot and hump for this reason I stopped that. I moved in come the balls a bit. Licking and sucking. Spitting the end a couple of little hairs here and also there. I laid down for a bit and also let him lick mine cock. He seemed to prefer the pre cum and kept licking the up. Then I decided to shot it. The real deal. Sex. I got naked, gained on all fours and showed him mine ass. At very first he just kicked my ass. His long tongue felt good going in and also out, up and down. He got excited and started come hump me. He kept trying to run my face. If I can get the on my earlier it would work. Through a little of work-related I turn around and he ordered my hips. He must have actually been inexperienced favor me, since he to let go a lot. Among his jabs hit mine asshole appropriate on the edge. It hurt a bit and I got a little scared and figured i would shot again an additional time. Tiny did I know it was also late for second thoughts. The close contact was just enough for him to aim true. Together I was about to gain up his penis slide right right into my hole. I felt pain, however not as lot as I assumed I was going to. Perhaps it was the pleasure, adrenaline, or both. When his cock made its method in, that was only seconds prior to he was balls deep in me. I could hear the sound of his crotch slapping mine ass. His balls slapping mine. This was it. Whether I wanted to or not, i was losing my virginity to a black color lab. It felt amazing. The pure animal nature of the all, his panting, his prick it all felt good. His claws dug right into my hips leaving scratches. I didn’t mind at all. The held great being underneath of this dog. That felt right. The felt favor forever however I am sure it didn’t take long. He came inside of me. I would feel his penis sliding the end of mine ass as he reached down come lick it. Ns was lucky ns didn’t get knotted or the would have actually been a lengthy wait. It no take lot for me to cum after. A couple of jerks and it shot appropriate out. I was panting a bit myself. I simply sat there, a bit of his cum running down my ass, thinking about what happened. This dog, this animal just took my virginity, and also I didn’t mind one bit. Years later on the friend would move away, together with my lover. I would be lied if I claimed that to be the critical time we had sex, hell the wouldn’t also be the last dog I gained fucked by. To today I carry out not remorse it in ~ all. The course i don’t tell mine boyfriends the truth about my virginity, but maybe the right one i will. Tho it’s tough to desire to be v a human being after this.

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That has readjust me for the better in my eyes.(Disclaimer: I’m right into zoophilia, not beastiality. Ns don’t not prefer hurting animals and also I only let them fuck me if they want to.) and also that is the story of how I lost my virginity come a dog.