around Up wherein We belong

"Up whereby We Belong" is a song written by Jack Nitzsche, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Will Jennings that was taped by Joe Cocker and also Jennifer Warnes for the 1982 film An Officer and also a Gentleman. Warnes was recommended to song a track from the film since of her previous soundtrack successes, and she had actually the idea for the tune to it is in a duet the she would perform with Cocker. Jennings selected assorted sections the the score through Nitzsche and Sainte-Marie in developing the framework of the song and included about the struggles of life and also love and the obstacles in the method that us attempt come dodge. It was released in July of the year come coincide v the relax of the film. The song got to number one ~ above the Billboard hot 100 in the US and topped the charts in several various other countries. It likewise sold more than one million copies in the US and also was well-known by the Recording industry Association the America as among the song of the Century.

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Cocker and Warnes were awarded the Grammy for best Pop power by a Duo or team with Vocals, and Nitzsche, Sainte-Marie, and Jennings winner both the Academy award and golden Globe compensation for best Original Song.more »

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Who to know what morning bringsIn a world few hearts surviveAll I know is the means I feelWhen it"s real, I save it aliveThe road is longThere are mountains in ours wayBut we climb a step every dayLove lift us up where we belongWhere the eagles cryOn a hill highLove lift us up where we belongFar native the people belowUp wherein the clear winds blowSome hang on to provided to beLive their stays looking behindAll we have actually is here and nowAll ours lives, out there to findThe roadway is longThere are hills in our wayBut us climb a action every dayLove lift us up where we belongWhere the eagles cryOn a mountain highLove lift united state up wherein we belongFar indigenous the people we knowWhere the clean winds blowTime goes byNo time come cryLife"s you and IAlive todayLove lift us up whereby we belongWhere the eagles cryOn a hill highLove lift us up whereby we belongFar native the human being we knowWhere the clean winds blowLove lift us up wherein we belongWhere the eagles cryOn a mountain highLove lift us up wherein we belong

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Joe Cocker man Robert "Joe" Cocker OBE (born 20 may 1944) is an English rock and also blues singer, who pertained to popularity in the 1960s, and is known for his gritty voice, his idiosyncratic arm movements while performing, and his cover versions of renowned songs, particularly those the the Beatles. More »