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Rccoop native Ashland, Oregon mine 13 year old son is in fee of taking out the trash. Friday us take the rubbish cans and also roll them to the curb for choose up. This song came to mind and also I play it because that him. Vast tears welled increase in mine eyes together I listened. My son choose …”don’t cry”. I explained the definition behind the lyrics. What a beautiful possibility to remind my son and also myself that the true definition of life. Everyone deserves happiness, security, love. Stop not just talk around it. Let’s perform it, not tomorrow but today, best now.Karen Nyere indigenous Carmel Valley, CaMike is a Ferguson, MO boy that cares deeply about racial injustice. It shows in this Civil civil liberties anthem. Pat Davis from Bailey CoThis song means so much to me. I view it differently since I pick to. In this human being of disappointment through the empty assures of religion, for numerous reasons, ns imagine Jesus as a liberator and also the author of these lyrics. He takes the indigenous of God out of the church and He indeed, bring away it come the street. No, We execute not understand His kind in this world. He to be raised right here in this living hell. This message have to be taken to His brothers, and also they space indeed, "everywhere."I hear the love of God speaking to a civilization that thirsts because that the things of His world. God take away it to the roadways in the Grace and voice the Jesus. Ns don"t median to sound sentimental yet this is what ns hear in this inspired lyric. PatPhil from brand-new JerseyWhat an completely beautiful twin entendres to begin the an initial single off the very first new album through a brand-new singer. Ns agree with a lot of of human being that this has actually political overtones however that an initial line, when fitting through the theme, division the forth wall. ‘Hey man, I understand we don’t understand each other, but...but us do. My name’s examine out this smooth together ice pipe of mine.’ Mike Asbury from ras VegasThis is a protest song around political unrest. Don’t choose what you’re federal government is doing? “Takin it to the street” Gil indigenous Dublin, GeorgiaI entirely agree through Bruce-San Jose. Ns heard the today and was moved by the seemingly spiritual emotion the the song. Micheal McDonald is a rare significant talent.Bruce from mountain Jose, Calif.Just my own interpretation here, so please indulge me ...Ever since I first heard the song as a child ( I remained in jr high at the time the song was released), to me the text seemed like the lord (or among His Angels visiting incognito to survey points here) coming ago to earth and seeing the wretched mess that us humans have made of things below in mortality..."You don"t understand my type in your world..." ( this world absolutely isnt heaven)"I ain"t blind and I don"t prefer what i see..." (we humans shot to justify our sins, however the mr sees with our excuses) Sounds prefer the Lord/Angel has actually performed his investigate of the current sorry state the the world, seeing just how the people have taken your sinning every full-blown and also "takin" it to the streets" — and so NOW, the mr is walking to take it his Gospel blog post out to the streets to remedy that, to conserve the wretched world...(Since this song came out after "Jesus is just All best with Me", it appeared that "Takin" it to the Streets" was an ideal followup track to that...) wilhelm from Birmingham, AlSounds virtually political to me, but I suppose anything could....very vague and also up native the bottom anywhere kind that thing, and also now we have to take it come the streetsJorge native Bronx, NyThis tape rocks Live,sounding great,and black color Water to be my only favorite,when they were togetherRobin native Rockville, MdThe initial lead singer that the Doobies who dropped ill was Tom JOHNSTON, not "Johnson."Jim from lengthy Beach, CaThis significant a shift in the doobie Bros music at the moment a more R n B, spirit feel, which was a great change..Charles native Charlotte, NcThe LP taking it come the roads is excellent. It marked a brand-new sound for the Doobies v McDonald"s R&B key-board style and vocal stylings. Johnson and also bass player Tyran Porter likewise contributed memorable cuts.see more comments
God Bless AmericaKate smith

Irving Berlin claimed "God Bless America" was "not a patriotic song, but rather one expression that gratitude."

boom ClapCharli XCX

Before recording "Boom Clap" herself, Charli XCX readily available the track to hilary Duff. However, the singer"s human being turned down the tune advertising it wasn"t "cool enough for Hilary."

Surf CityJan & Dean

"Surf City" was taped by january & Dean, however written by Brian Wilson the The beach Boys. It to be the an initial #1 hit Wilson wrote.

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i Can"t stand The RainAnn Peebles

Ann Peebles" "I Can"t stand The Rain" source from a comment make by the singer to she husband, Don Bryant, once they were preparing come head out to a blues show and also it began tipping down through rain.

Opposites AttractPaula Abdul

MC Skat Kat was created for the remix the "Opposites Attract," which to be released as the last solitary from she Forever her Girl album. The team that developed the Kat likewise did a-ha"s "Take on Me" video.

Body and also SoulLibby Holman

When Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse"s variation of "Body and Soul" do the hot 100, Bennett became at period 85, the earliest living artist to chart.

just how "A Rolling stone Gathers No Moss" came to be Rock"s peak ProverbSong composing

How a nation weeper and also a blues number made "rolling stone" the most renowned phrase in rock.

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Dexys (Kevin Rowland and Jim Paterson)Songwriter Interviews

"Come on Eileen" to be a colossal "80s hit, however the band - far an ext appreciated in their aboriginal UK than stateside - released just three albums before their split. Now, Dexys is back.

Incongruent opened ActsSong writing

Here"s what happens once an opened act is really out of ar with the headliner, like once Beastie Boys opened for Madonna.

Kerry Livgren that KansasSongwriter Interviews

In this speak from the "80s, the Kansas frontman talks turning to God and also writing "Dust In The Wind."

Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica)Songwriter Interviews

The previous Metallica bassist talks about his an initial time writing a track with James Hetfield, and how a hand-me-down iPad has adjusted his songwriting.

decision WatersSongwriter Interviews

Waters speak the "Gypsy Woman" story, shares few of her songwriting insights, and also explains just how Dennis Rodman finished up on among her songs.