HelloThat is a Marlin version 336C .30-30 carbine that dates from 1976. It in reality is a 336C, also though that is not significant as together on the barrel. The C represents carbine and at the moment Marlin to be making only two variants of the version 336, the C and also the A. The 336A to be a rifle through a 24" barrel. Both the rifle and carbine were available in .30-30, .32 Winchester Special and .35 Remington.Yours is in peak condition and also would market for around $450.Regards,JP


Great! A Marlin 336C in this condition is precious every little bit of $450. If i were selling, the absolutely shortest price I would certainly accept would certainly be $425, yet I think you should be able to get $450 rather easily. These are fine carbines, and they perform not make them prefer this any kind of longer. All the brand-new Marlins have the stunner crossbolt safety and also they room not practically as well made.JP

Hi griZZly64 - just curious if you would certainly mind sharing exactly how much friend were offered for it

I agree v JP, this is a very nice problem 336. And I think acquiring $450 out of the is reasonable from someone that wanted a top condition pre-safety 336.

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FWIW - also "beater" version 336"s and their variants room at least $250 as lengthy as there is no significant rust or share damage.

More and more people space realizing the these enlarge "JM" stamped Marlins space worth an ext than the recent "Remlin" created specimens.



I was readily available $250. I inherited about 40 firearms and most the others were not preserved in as great condition together this marlin. I"m hoping to keep most of them because they"re the just things that were passed under to me. I"m glad I uncovered this board. The members here are so helpful and also knowledgeable.

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Thanks for responding.

$250 for the rifle is method out that line.

On the very low finish I think its precious at least $350 for sure. (Which is if it were my rifle and I had actually a great friend that I want to market the rifle to is what I would certainly let it walk to them because that - best buddy price