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vault Generations 3rd Gen \"A beat Filled with destructive Power!\" started by pond January 20th, 2014 5:55 to be

go you get Mega beat or absent to help you win Misty? exactly how long walk you save it on her Pokemon?I generally did, but this time roughly I figured ns wouldn\"t since I had a team that could beat Misty nice easily. However, once I did my Charizard Solo operation it was a requirement to gain both of these.Now that ns think about it. If you got a Clefairy in Mt. Moon Mega Punch could be an awesome strike for it.


Sydian PokéCommunity Supporter decision Tier Also known As al, syd, alolandugtrios Moderator

fake her death.

I typically skip the end on them since either a) ns don\"t have a Pokemon that can learn that or b) due to the fact that I don\"t like those moves very much.

ns thought among these move (can\"t remember which) come Charmeleon in FireRed, and also yes, it certainly helped beating Misty. :> In LeafGreen though, ns didn\"t bother teaching these assaults to anyone.

I used Mega kick and also Mega punch both. I largely used to teach Mega absent Pikachu or any other Pokemon. Ns didn\"t teach Mega absent to any type of my starter as Mega absent is just 5 pps move. And also its fast sufficient to be unable to do in a minute. So ns barely teach mine starter a Mega punch as it has actually 10 or 15 pp. And also yes i supplied it against Misty. Ns forgot if it work-related well or not though :P
actually skipped top top it. I\"m much more on leveling or evolving my starter to second evolution before battling the 1st gym. So the winning rate would it is in 100%.
five yes, ns remember :3I used to have actually a Pikachu (later Raichu) in my team 90% that the time, therefore I would certainly teach her Mega Punch together an extra relocate to absent ass in Misty\"s gym :3 If mine Pikachu would faint in battle, I always had mine Nidoqueen at hand to use Mega Kick! :3
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I never ever used the meg punch/kick move to beat Misty together I captured an Bellspourt/Oddish to aid beat her.